That Banner Is Better Even ‘Ten’ Less!

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He excelled in the RX100. The story is good. The heroine knows it. The movie was a hit. The hero has to repeat the same magic again. But Wrong films are getting done. That is why once again the ‘ten’ is reduced to the old banner. Don’t think ten is a paycheck. 100 in the title of the old film .. 90 in the new.

The box office has been buzzing around for a while as the title of the movie ‘RX100′. With huge success as a newwave film and a cult movie, it has hit the hearts of cinema fans. Karthikeya Creative Works has released the picture. Kartikeya is the hero who is best known for the film. Now the film is being made in Malli Veri Combination. Karthikeya Sarasana Neha Solanki is playing the female lead in the film. Shekhar Reddy is running a red visionary.

Ashok Reddy Gumkonda, producer of the latest film ’90 ML’, said, “RX100 tells us how a good film can make a mark in the industry, how much respect it has earned, the box office gales. Our RX100 was brought to the audience on July 12 last year. It is a film that has robbed not only the Telugu film industry but also the minds of all cinema audiences. With this film, our hero Karthikeya had a big break. It is reported that he is doing a lot of films this year. Now we are happy to be doing the Morrow movie in our combinations. This latest movie is titled ’90 ML’. The image is as varied as the title itself.

70% of the film has been completed. The visionary Shekhar Reddy is also a newcomer. The images that come from our banner are the only ones that will buy the RX100.
The visionary Shekhar Reddy Red said, “Karthikeya means ‘RX100′. That was the craze that created the film. For many, the film remains a reference. I wrote ’90 ML’ story to keep everything in perspective. It is a complete entertainer story. Commercial values are good. The title of ’90 ML ‘is said by many to be “intrusting”. The film itself is just as interesting. Seventy-five percent of filming has just been completed. There are six songs in total. Anoop Rubens gave a very fine tune. Chandra Bosegar wrote songs to impress the youth. After ‘Rangasthalam’ Chandra Bose wrote a single card for our film. Every pata is ex-ordinary. Ravikishan, who played a key role in the recent ‘Saira’, has done a very good role in our film. Why did we give the title ’90 ML ‘? It’s good to see what’s on the screen. The climax will be set in Hyderabad from 11th of this month. Subsequently we will shoot Balance Talkie and 2 songs on the Morrow schedule. The entire shooting is complete. The story and the story are there to make the audience feel comfortable, ”he said.

Kartikeya, Neha Solanki (first contact), ravikisan, Ramesh Rao, Ali, Posani Krishna, Ajay, kalakeya Prabhakar, Satyaprakash, progress, Praveen, Adhurs Raghu, Nellore Sudarshan, alcoholic Ramesh, Rita rolls, Duvvasi Mohan, Sanjay Swaroop and others


Producer: Ashok Reddy
Text-vision: Shekhar Reddy Red
Music: Anoop Rubens
Songs: Chandra Bose
Camera: J. Yuvraj
Editor: SR Shekhar
Art: GM Shekhar
Fights: Venkat
Dances: Prem Rakshit, Johnny
Co-Director: Siddharth Reddy Guduri
Production Controller: K. Surya Narayana


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