Rooftop Solar Must For Residential Constructions

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We see the sun shine on every rooftop here. But the California government makes it mandatory to have solar power receivers on every household.

The government made a significant decision about solar energy in California. According to this rule, by 2020 every newly built house should be equipped with rooftop solar recievers. Otherwise there would be no permission to build houses.

Of course, if you can use solar power, the power costs get reduced. Solar power saves you a lot of energy. But the equipment needed to use solar power is very very expensive yet. So people are gainst this mandate.

Solar energy is definitely a cheap power alternative. But still the solar power is not widely used as devices being more expensive, loss is than the gain. But the officials say that the mandate is not immediate and by 2020 the solar power devices will not be a burden as per technical experts.

However, it is good for everyone if they can get use of solar power. It is eco-friendly and cost-effective. Lets welcome their decision hoping solar devices become cheap by 2020.

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