Rollable Phones Follow Foldable Phones

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The phone screen should be big. But if the phone is too big, trouble. Is the solution to this problem? Foldable phone. If a ball is folded – the phone can be folded – and the spaceship will meet. The screen is bigger.

Samsung has announced that it will be coming to the ‘Galaxy Fold’ phone. Samsung fans are awaiting the Variety display phone that is bundling the two screens together.

Samsung, Hewewi later – Etcs also announced a foldable phone. But this phone is not just a folding phone, it’s a wrapping phone. That’s where the big screen is also small – it takes less space.

So .. this new phone is not called ‘foldable phones’, ‘rollable phones’ is a correction. LG has registered ten names to put them on the phone models. Role, double roll, signature ar, or screen, or canvas, dual roll, roll canvas, by roll, roto – whatever names will be used with these names … The upcoming rollable phones will definitely create a big trend.

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