Robot Lawyer Gives You Legal Advices

Robot Lawyer Gives You Legal Advices

Do you have the means to do so? Can’t you hire lawyers to spend millions upon millions? Nothing. No more Robotley commoner lawyers! – Says scientists. Do real robots work as lawyers? Does a robot have the same understanding as a lawyer about laws and legal matters? Says there will be. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence it seems that it is possible. But the robot lawyer is already available to you. He will give you any legal advice you need, and will write legal documents on your behalf – says Okayana. Is this true? Is it possible? What’s the point?

Robot Lawyer Gives You Legal Advices 1

Justice is the same for everyone, but it takes a lot of money to fight for justice. The poor cannot fight for justice in the courts – although that is a shame … it must be admitted. Even if the rich and big politicians in our country make mistakes – with lawyers who take millions of rupees per hour … there is a chance that justice can be obtained no matter how expensive it is. The same common man .. He needs to be very affordable to file a case in a small matter. It is a situation he cannot fight for even if justice is on his side. It doesn’t matter if it is a small consumer case … if a long-running legal battle is to do anything … it is not possible for the common man in our country. However, in this age of increasing technology, you can easily get legal support, says Joshua Browder.

Browder assures us that with the help of Artificial Intelligence we can easily get legal advice. Suppose, for example, that we are unjustly fined for something. You have to file a case legally to fight it. However the compliant must write as a method using legal terms. Not everyone can do that kind of drafting.

That’s why now the robot lawyer … says … this 24 year old man has created an app. Its name. That means don’t pay yourself for legal advice … he feels. The tag he put on the app – that is, the world’s first robot lawyer.

Artificial intelligence is now widely used in all fields. This technology, which mimics human ideas, offers more wonders than ever before. As a part of it, whether we want to write letters legally … whether to do compliant … whether to fight cases … this app is very useful for the legal drafting required for that. Although he is now nicknamed the “Robot Lawyer” for fun, it should come as no surprise that in the future, robot lawyers will be cooperating with us on legal matters if AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to grow. Already (AI – Artificial Intelligence) has grown tremendously. Success rate is over 80% when making legal drafts with the help of this app. This app is especially used to make insurance claims, apply for tourist visas, and to write compliant letters legally in any case. Currently it is mostly used by people for parking and penalty defense. That is, if parking penalties are imposed on us unnecessarily in the name of wrong parking, people are writing applications using this app to combat it.

This may be the case for now … but let’s see if Artificial Intelligence will do more magic in the future! One last word. Law and justice are equal for all. However, the belief that the law is equal for all has recently waned among the general public. Also – we are noticing the growing awareness among the people that the opportunity to get justice is not equal for all. Eventually the deterioration of the situation to the point where even the integrity of the courts, lawyers and judges is in doubt is a truly tragic development in a democracy.

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