RGV Starring ‘Cobra’ First Look

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Cobra Movie First Look, which is directed by Ram Gopal Varma, has been released. It is noteworthy that RJD has announced that he is acting in the movie for the first time on his birthday. Within few hours of the announcement, the first look was released and increased interest in everyone.

But it’s also biopic. The first look is the most dangerous criminal biopic. The tag line is also interesting. The arrest of the Criminal Code will be half the police department in the jail. In this case, RGV was holding a gun in his hands and holding a cigarette in another hand. He gave a more interest to his natural expression. The biopic trend is currently running in Tollywood. The first look is that Verma, who has made a name in the name of Laxmith NTR, is now ready to frighten himself with criminal biopic.

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