RGV : Evergreen Media Friend?

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Varma, who has been named as an eternal controversial person, has been creating a new controversy for many years. Media has become accustomed to using Varnish as a publicity. Always something in the way that Verma knows is the trick. “Is not all this for the publicity?” – That is, “Yes, certainly for publicity! That’s my movie, that’s my goal!” – open mouth saying Verma style. Not only that, “what kind of intellectual?” Anna is the same answer. “Yes, I’m a wise man!” Can not wait and can not. The way to work in the middle of the way is to know how to get rid of someone else.

The media is tired of trying to ask questions that are irreversible and over the years – Varma has always been constantly creating new controversy with new power. Anyway – “I’m doing my job and you’re doing it in dispute!” – Verma wit up the media. Anyway in the media – we know that Varma is no longer defeated – we will! Some of those who were disgusted. Some are hated to be defeated. But many have become Varma’s fans. Many senior journalists – even though they are doing their duties asking questions that are in-out – inside – ab! What a genius! It is true that you love it.

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