Real Life Revenge Story ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’

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Ram Gopal Verma did not come in to hit the film and hit the film – not only in Andhra Pradesh, but also in All India. Even though the critics say ‘Laxmas NTR’ is another such film – this time it is a movie that has been remade in the past.

The biopic is the risk of documentary touch. No matter how great a person is going to tell you a life story – a boring mood is coming. Did Laxmas NTR get out of that accident?

Story … connecting dots
Laxmis NTR’s story is shown in Ramgopal Varma’s Already Teasers and Trailers. A systematic approach to the scenes shown there is the work of the audience who went to the theater. But after connecting dots, the Common Man Feeling Ant is a good thing.

Who did you do
Actors performance – Actor Vijayakumar did not disturb the bulk of NTR’s gesture in old age – even in the face of the beauty and body of NTR. His experience on the theater is very useful in the film.

Ram Gopal Varma’s previous film ‘Killing Veerappan’ is the heroine in which Veerappan’s wife Muthulakshmi appeared in the role. Half of the title … is more important than she is! She is not a heroine in ‘Killing Veerappan’. Only a role next to the main heroine Parul Yadav! But while giving me a main role – the beauty of her beauty is exposed. Actually, she has done just fine for the role.

Shri Tej who played the role of Chandrababu. When Nehru was doing Devaneye in Vangavati, he was better fit. Later, NTR was also seen as a Rana Chandrababu in biopic and was praised even as YS Rajasekhara Reddy appeared in one of two shots. Now, when you think about the role of Chandrababu – how well done – if you see the film – let’s see Chandrababu if he looks at Chandrababu. It was so awesome. What is the point of view, what is the move – superb. It is said that he really came to know Chandrababel. Shri Tejj is more likely to get more opportunities with this film.

Daring & dashing
Ram Gopal Varma, the only person who truly is alive in this country – after the independence of India – is his fans. It is true that ‘Laxmas NTR’ is really true. In the case of the Chandrababu and Ramoji conspiracy, and in the hands of Harikrishna and Balakrishna Bava, Verma clearly shows what he thought to be somewhere in the face of Mohammed. When the role of Chandrababu comes to power in the end of Ramayu’s death, the snake music film given on the background is highlighted.

Political Failure
The NTR leader is known as great success but it is not true. He did not recognize if he had a stroke on him. Because the artist’s heart is very smart. They have love and emotions on humans. But the condition of our politics is that they are degraded to those who do not have emotions. So the artist feels that the politics is not worth the money.

Movie Successa Failure is to say that in Andhra – this is a stopping – it’s proof that it has achieved great success. Laxmikant NTR’s movie is about the average affair of the average viewer in which two words are:
The politics of a politician – has shot dead an artist. After almost a quarter of the artist’s disappearance – the burial of the graves and the breath of the artist – damaged the politician. This is simple ‘Laxmas NTR’!

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