Reader’s Digest’s Sweepstakes.. A Decent Fraud?

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Anyone can do business. But there are some rules for it. There should be some ethics also. But in our country – unless business rules are missed – unless consciousness with the cos – without any moral values. The famous English magazine ‘Readers Digest’ for many decades, un-ethical business still bothering millions of innocent readers – who do not ask.

‘Readers Digest’ is a companion that runs daily with ‘Sweepstakes’. The e-mails that relate to it will be sent to the public. They also print hard copies of their brochures and send them in the post. ‘Reader’s Digest’ sub-stylists, non-members are also going for these mails. A form is sent in every sent mail. Just fill it out and send us back. You will get millions. “But do you know how to send the reader’s digest to an annual subscription, and the cover that we have sent to us is called a return cover. But the profit is nothing but the ‘Reader’s Digest’ magazine comes to us every month. The subsequent cover of the magazine, along with the magazine, will continue to add another cover .. again and again, so that’s why they are going to keep up with the writings. .. we really think we have got millions of rupees, we all win .. Just one step one full If you do – you own Rs.

Over-the-clock is that you can also have a car – “Do you want this car? Need this car?” A few modals are called toys and selects. We really want to see it – “Boo! Lucky we’ve been the final, we’re going to have money in the money!” At that level the writings are written. But the truth is, if you trust them for decades – those who do not even get one prize are in lakhs. There are some proofs and credits that are believed to have been given some prizes – no matter how many times they are. They can be true. But – in brochures – you are the winner.

Is not it like a lottery? The lottery will win if luck. Does a lot of ticket buyers have a lottery? And one of the lakhs comes to one. How to get a ticket if you do not get a lottery “Can you tick a ticket, do not you think that a lottery can come?” But the general lottery ticket key, this reader’s digest sweep stakes is the key difference – we know that luck is no less and less. That’s why the ticket is going to be. Or else we will. But here it is not. We believe that the whole thing has come. Send covers. Write the answers. Fill out the farms. Quizzes are complete. They go to the post office and post them in the correct timeline. The time we spend for this is hundreds of hours. Who has given the right to waste the valuable time of millions of people for the purpose of his business – “Reader’s Digest”? – Nathu is not in the country asking. No laurel will be charged on them. How many times have they cheated by the cabs – Ponnel’s expectation is that we are wrong, but there is no warrior who is fighting.

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