Ran And Caught! What A Lady!

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A recent incident in Massachusetts in the US caused a great deal of controversy. The girl resisted the mischievous act of the way, and it was big news.

If you see some pretty girls on the road while jogging … Thunderbolts are doing something crazy – every single moment they pass by. They are doing crazy things like touching the girls where they can’t touch them, or pulling out the font zip. This is done in a matter of seconds. In the US, there are frequent such incidents.

Why do this while jogging? Because Alleredy is on the run when jogging, so even when the outsiders are alert to their actions – the person running may run away. If the girls look like they are jogging and going – they will go into contact with them in a moment and go into contact with them. What usually happens? The girls are shocked at the sight of this madness. Something to be ashamed of and worried about. No matter what it is .. there is no time to think about what actually happened! The girls are dumbfounded and the boys start running away.

However, in the event that we are now talking about, Thuntari could not escape. A mischievous man was jogging and running towards a girl named Aya Polanski. Fitness trainer Aya Polanski, however, did not abandon him. The chase caught him and stopped for five minutes and cried for the police. The scoundrel was afraid that no one could come immediately. In the meantime, Aya Polanski had to go back to her fallen phone. At that moment the lame man ran away.

The act of misbehaving at one moment … vulgarity in the US is called ‘flashing’. Iya Polanski’s brave pursuit of Tuntari was recorded on the CC cameras. The video also went viral. The police admired her bravery. Some of the channels – including footage of CC camera footage – made actionable videos of how she caught the man. She was compared to Wonder Woman’s heroine Gal Gadet.

However, the comments of the men now under the video … When a male shows his body parts to the woman and the flash – the women complain to the police and turn it into a case. But, is it wrong for women to perform like this? The police will not sue unless the male is happy to do so. If a woman says that a woman has done so, she … Is it unfair? – Commenters noted. However, we must congratulate Aya Polanski, who came forward with the courage to advise the lame people!

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