‘Rakshasudu’ Thanks The Producer

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Ramesh Verma, visual director of ‘Raid’ and ‘Veera’, as Bellanconda Srinivas’ hero, is a producer of ‘Saturnarayana’, a film produced by some studios and a havish production banner under the aegis of Penmtsa. Abhishek Nama on Abhishek Pictures banner The film was released worldwide on August 2. The film is being run as a success with a super hit talk. At a press conference held on Friday.

Director Ramesh Verma said, “When Koneru Satyanarayana wants to own the remake of the film and direct it with me, most people will take two years to make a disaster. He also told him why the movie. Ok .. I waited for the sir decision. Ayanemo ‘Ramesh I saw you direct Ride movie. I liked that tempo a lot. You’re directing this remake. This is also a movie that is in good tempo. I know you direct it at a good tempo. If nothing is changed, the film will be a blockbuster hit. If he hadn’t given me so much confidence, I would have done it. The reason why this film is so well-known is the reason for the first saishrinivasi. Sai’s earlier films had full dancing and fights. But there is no such thing in this film. But Sai made the film with a lot of conviction. I owe a lot to Satyanarayana and Sai Srinivasagari who made the film with confidence in me. Also a big thanks to Bellamkonda Sureshgari. Because he asked me to do a big budget movie. But I chose this movie. Then Satyanarayana came and said, ‘No matter how much it costs. Well done. ‘ All I was worried about was one thing .. The movie was a big hit in Tamil. I thought it would be nice to do it in Telugu. I thought that all those who saw the movie did well. I had a full tension for three days. After watching the film, my Mrs. phoned and said, ‘You hit the blockbuster.’ Also, Bellamkonda Sureshgaru phoned and said, ‘Our boy has been given a blockbuster. Thanks to all who are a part of my success.

Cinematographer Venkat said – ” It gave good reviews. All those who saw the film were apprised that the film was good. Thanks to Director Vermagri. The credit goes to Ramesh Verma Varga and producer Koneru Satyanarayana. Thanks everyone.

Speaking of Multi Dimension – ” Time for Celebrations. If you act with confidence .. The film proves how good it is. The remake of the blockbuster movie ‘Rakshasaan’ in Tamil has gone ahead as per the plan. Everyone worked hard at night. All the departments worked very hard. We are happy with the result of our hard work. Sai is to be congratulated before. Tanu is a commercial hero. Success declined when the content base agreed to make a film aside from its image. Have taken a lot of care in every aspect from the look. Director Rameshwarmagaru tried to give a better output than Tamil. Best Movie. Abhishek Pictures has released the film in grand manner around the world. ”

Abhishek Nama said, ‘Sai with a beautiful love story is planned under the direction of Ramesh Verma. It was reported that Rakshasan bought the rights to the film. We traveled with him for two and three months. He gave the film his confidence in Ramesh Verma. Directed the film with O Kasi. Also, Saikuda was also awaiting a hit with the film. Not just regular rain .. Collections also take rain. We have released the movie in 120 screens in overseas. This is his biggest release in overseas. Someone Satyanarayana led us to perseverance. Sai wants to get hits like this. I want this movie to be the biggest thriller of the year. ”

Speaking at Bellamkonda Srinivas – ” Today is a very memorable day for me. When the morning woke, our cousins phoned from overseas. Everyone has been positive about the film. Those positive vibes are continuing. I’ve been waiting two years for this day. I owe my entire life to Satyanarayana, who gave such a good hit. The big producers competed for this film rights. I think the biggest success is to buy the rights and give us confidence in Satyanarayana. The first film hit the banner of Satyanarayana. He educated thousands. Now I want to give occupation in professional terms. Happy to have worked with him. I want to work with him again and again. Satyanarayanagaru fell in love and made the film. The Entair team worked very hard. Happy to be part of Eisenima. Thanks to Anupama, Rajiv Gagri and everyone including Jibran. Not a commercial hit .. Critics have also had a good response from nearby. Abhishek has had a good relationship with him ever since. He’s not here .. Biggest release in overseas. Thanks to him.

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