Raju Garu In Writers’ Celebration

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My father used to say a word. If Laxmi comes forward, greet him. But Sarasvati is looking for wherever you are. That’s why I came to the festival of writers, ”said Rebelstar Krishnam Raju. On November 3, the Writers’ Association will be celebrating the silver jubilee. Krishnam Raju unveiled the teaser of the celebration as a curtain raiser. Former Union Minister of Rebel Krishnanraju said that the Association of Writers is a Saraswati Sons Association and that such a Saraswathi society should be developed with the help of Lakshmi Devi Katakam. He was speaking at a press conference held at the Filmnagar Producers Council Hall on Saturday morning for the teaser launch of the Telugu Cinema Writers’ Association celebration. Speaking at a function at the Producers Council Hall on Saturday, he said … writers need concentration and dedication. There are so many adults. There has been a change in the works over time. Accordingly, there are authors. If we tell the children to practice it. Similarly, the words written by the writers are popular in the audience. It should have contributed in a good way. I have worked with some very big grandparents. Before he can write the oracle, he goes into the character and writes dialogues. Everyone writes but you can’t write it. I am a member of the Writers’ Association and said that we should go looking for her father Sarasvati Devi. The program began with the welcome of the bridegroom Ramani. Chief Secretary Akkella and Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao Sangham explained the early days. President Drs. The activities of the Paruchuri Gopalakrishna Sangham and the Writers’ Association held at the Film Nagar Cultural Center on November 3, were celebrated. The top authors have talked about the greatness of the writers of decades of Telugu cinema.

Earlier, many top writers participated and recalled the contribution of film writers to the development of Telugu film industry from the 1932s to this period.

Paruchuri Gopalakrishna said that the birth of the film is explained. Beginning with Bhakta Prahlada on September 15, 1931 and February 6, 1932. In 1936 seven authors entered at once. . ‘Premavijayam’ is the debut film. In 1936, Nageshwara Rao was introduced to the cinema industry in 1937 and made over 50 films until 1980. The inter-caste marriage ‘Malapilla’ was a big hit. ‘Peasant baby’ is a film worth remembering. Similarly, the song was close to the poem in those days.

SV Rama Rao said … Recalling the history of the seas from Raghavachari to Chakrapani. Nagabalasuresh said, “From 1951 to 60, the films and writers and directors of them were described. This is the decade that has won worldwide awards. In the Granthika language, the film Alwatai Rhythm Shaukkara is a film that is used in the language of the language and is said to be a good word.

Vaddepalli Krishnamurthy said .. History of 1961-70. Even the greatest poets, such as Sinare, said this decade. Chilukumar Natraj said, “The 1971-80 order is outlined. Screenplay has changed a lot over the decade. This is the decade that old and new writers have moved forward. People like the Paruchuri Brothers said that the industry began to dominate the decade.

According to Umarji Anoorada .. From 1981-90, the writers and directors informed the producer. T. He has analyzed many films including Krishna and R. Narayanamurthy. Ratnababu, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao and others spoke.

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