Rajinikanth’s ‘Peta’ Pre-Release Event

Super star Rajinikanth is playing the lead role in the movie ‘Paata’ .. Simran and Trisha are the heroes of the movie … The movie is expected to be released on 10th January and the pre-release event will be held in Hyderabad on January 10th. Heroine Srikanth and director YVS Chowdary were the main guests along with the film team.

Hero Srikanth says that the film is also a big hit with the producer who has been releasing super hit films like Nawab and Sarkar. The film is going to be a big hit. Sagittarium is competing with bigger movies. Rajinikanth Very inspiration In addition to films, the film is also very well played ..

Songwriter Ramajogayya Shastri said .. I feel very happy to have Rajanikanth’s chance to write songs .. He has good message in songs. I am feeling very good at writing this song .. I am very happy with the song .. Rajinikanth is not very good .. this movie is going to be the way I want to get good luck with Ashok.

Director YVS Chowdhary said that the film is a big fashion and interest in producer Vallabhneeni Vamsi. Despite the theater issue in Tollywood, he is also inspired by the release of the movie and the movie is about the movie. I’m looking forward to this film with the film .. Karthik Subba Raju The actresses have also done very well .. The actors have been chosen for the actresses .. They believe in all the story of the film .. Such a film is convincing to the movie that the film is super hit .. This film is good ..

Producer Vallabhneeni Ashok said … Rajinikanth’s film is inspired by the film .. Many people are worrying me about movie theater .. They want to tell the story of this movie hit .. I want to solve this problem krr

Music Director Anirudh Ravichandar said, “The film is a producer of Ashok Giri who is producing this film in Kangrats .. This is the movie Razini Fans .. He has given you such a good opportunity to thank Karthik .. Thanks to all the lists of the film. . Thank you to the Telugu audience who is so fond of me .. I love this movie.

Heroine Megha Akash said, “Karthik and Sun Pictures who have given me the opportunity to play in such a great film have got a big role in the film. Happy to be able to act in the movie .. Go to the theater and make the film to enjoy ..

Actor Bobby Simha said that Rajini was working with me very much like Sir Pritigin .. I was feeling that he was touched by God .. Karthik was very nice for choosing me for this role .. he is a good director .. what he said about his movies .. Anirudh maricipolenidi. Said ..

Director Karthik Subburaj will come to Hyderabad .. Nayanthi movie pizza is coming to Hyderabad .. I am very happy to come back to Rajinikanth’s film .. Thanks to all the hard work of this film .. Ashok girikki kirgotsi the movie is good .. the movie is Oriented, This is the action film .. All of you will enjoy this film very well .. all this is that when ksakulu adaristarane going to enjoy watching movies.

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