He Is Rajinikanth 2.0.. But Not A Super Star

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He is not Robot 2.0, Rajinikanth 2.0. Nalini Kant is the Rajani Kanth. He has appeared in some of the 70s and 80s. This is a unique, distinctive facial expression and style of Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth’s superstar has risen so much that Nalinikanth could not become an actor.

It means that a hero has never been able to grow up! If a person like Rajinikanth has gained a great stardom and become a superstar, many of those who have begun to work with him – good luck remain in the dark of darkness. Some people have traveled some distance. One such person is Nalinikanth.

Nalinikanth’s original name is Jayaram Raju. Rajinikanth’s original name is Shivajirao. At that time, Jayaram’s King was going to go for Balachander when he tried to make Shivaji Rao’s cinemas. Even then their foes were the same. Both faces are not popular. The filmmakers are becoming confusing. Rajinikanth is going to ask for opportunities before. Nalinikanth was going to go back in the hour again. It was a different person, and he did not compare, “what’s it like … just now come back? This is the king of the jayaram. This Nalinikantu said, “Lady, he is Shivaji Rao, I am King of Jayaram”!

So – even though the career started at almost the same time – Nalynikanth did not come up at the Rajinikanth level. There is another reason for that. Jayaram king is something dynasty. Puttam in the dynasty, what do we play in the cinema? That’s how they act in a small business. Therefore, Jayaram Raju has always opted for a career as a secondary career – not being able to give it all the time. So he left Madras for some time and went out of the film industry – he took a job in Bangalore. Though he returned to Madras again – Rajinikanth star. After that, he had a few chances with his likes – Jayaram had to leave the king without any comparison with Rajinikanth.

However, King Jayaram’s ‘Nalini Kanth’ – is the name of our Telugu, Darsakaratana Dasari Narayana Rao. “Tamil Nadu needs Rajinikanth, Nalinikanth as you come to Telugu, want!” Jayaram’s King gave us the opportunity. Nalinikant has also acted in the roles of Rajinikanth’s style, in the first few films, as well as Rajinikanth’s style. Later she was also seen as a villain in some of the films. But after that, he was completely out of the film field. Nalinikanth does not like to be like a duplah doing a stylus like a Rajini-like actor who is becoming a superstar with a style – like him. Jayaram’s king felt embarrassing to a person who was more developed than himself. That’s why his incarnation as Nalinikanth was slowly moved away from the film field. Occasionally, the act is not taken seriously. Thus – the style and facial expressions of all the same, Nalinchant remains unmatched with Rajanikanth.

Cinema is a strange world … who will come up with it … It’s not easy to say who can not come. Rajinikanth once said a word. That’s a good example for Rajinikanth’s natural humor: “I am more beautiful than me, and there are so many Rajinikanths who have more qualities than I am, but they have a chance to meet Balachandran – I have come up and they are not.” However, if he is in the same style, even if he is a child, then Nalinikanth can not go up, it seems to be a point beyond the contents of the movie to become a hero. Adentantara? If you know that – everyone can become a super star!

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