Rai Laxmi’s ‘Cinderella’ Teaser Released!

Whether it is six hundred, one hundred or six, Babu Mohan Mohan Babina, Mohan Babu Babu Mohan … Laxmi Rai Roy becomes Lakshmi – once content is lost and art is reduced – people do not care. Cinderella Atta After Venkata Lakshmi Sin would have been a super hit if it was done ten years ago! Okay. Let us say a little bit better.

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‘Cinderella’ is a multi-faceted film featuring the glamor doll ‘Roylakshmi’ who has become a heroine in Bollywood as well. The film, which is a hit in Tamil, is being presented to the audience under the title ‘Cinderella’ by Manchala Ravikiran in Telugu on Multi Color Frames and SSI Production Banners. MN Raju is the co-producer of the film. Vinu Venkatesh, who worked at SJ Surya’s near-visionary department, contributed to the film. The teaser of the film was released on Sunday. The film is set in the backdrop of horror fantasy and Murder Mystery. Rummy has worked as a cameraman for Sarkar 3 and Killing Veerappan. Ashwamitra is the music director for the movie Kanchana 2. Sachin, who has done sound design for Game Over, will be highlighting the sound design for the film. “We are planning to release the film in Telugu soon,” said producer Manchala Ravikiran and co-producer MN Raju. Cast: Lakshmi Rai, Shankar’s Robot, performance, Aravind Akash, evidence Agarwal, Vinod, Anbu and other technical Category: Banner: Multi Color Frames writing, directing, hear Venkatesh, producer, co-producer of bedside ravikiran: emenraju cinematographer: Rummy Music : Ashwamitra Sound Designing: Sachin (Sink Cinemas) Editor: Lawrence K Shore

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