Pre-Release Event Of ‘Bilalpur Police Station’

Megalitha Srinath and Shanvi Meghana are the Bilalpur Police Station. Mammalakali Srinivas is producing the film under MS Creations banner. Nagasai Mango is the director. Bilalpur Police Station Pre-Release Program was honored in Hyderabad Prasad Labs. Former minister Dekay Aruna was the chief guest. The songs of the Sabu Varghese music were released on this occasion.

Later, guest host Dey Aruna said … the descendants of any field are going into the field. Because they are aware of it, they are in the fields. New people are in trouble. Our Srinivas made this movie. He is in the business sector. New to movies. But it is a good picture. The picture that we see above is colorful. But it’s hard for those who do movies. Bilalpur Police Station is happy to be in our Palamore district. Gorati Venkanna singing the songs and not only plays a good role. I want to make this film a success. Said.

Producer Mahankali Srinivas said … I was interested in art since childhood. It was literary. Poetry was writing. Krishna Nagar came to know that he was a director in college days. But here’s where we are working in the film industry and we can not find ourselves here. Settled in business. I started producing and acting as a film producer. I want all of you to be happy. Said.

Gorati Venkanna said … I am not interested in acting in movies. The filmmaker is a man who knows the value of Mahankali Srinivas. That’s why I agreed to act. I like the drama. Very pleasantly surprised to see the play. I enjoyed the same level of enjoyment in the film. The Bilalpur police station is laughing as long as the film is watching. Said.

Director Nagasai Māmak said … Everybody is cooperating with our film today. On March 15th, at a big cinema level we are bringing the audience to the Bilalpur Police Station. The film is impressive with naturally eloquent storytelling. Commercially, there is no defective anywhere. Said.

The event included hero heroines Maganti Srinath, Shanvi Meghna, music director Sabu Varghese, songwriter Maunashree Mallik, cinematographer, garden v Ramana and others.

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