Pre-release event ‘Evarikee Cheppoddu’

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How to tell anyone? The prerelease event Anna says. Release time will tell. After the release of Hitaiyana say. How can I tell anyone from the beginning? How is the film being promoted?

Rakesh Varre on the banner of Crazy Ants Productions, Love Story is produced by Rakesh Varre under the direction of Basava Shankar as the heroines of Gargai Ellapragada. The film is being released on October 8th in Dilraju Telugu under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Films. A prerelease event of the film took place on Friday.

On this occasion Dilraju said, “Rakesh worked in our Josh movie. You studied abroad when it came to acting. Have a good career. Do you need it? A few days later he said I was doing hero. He came to me after the movie was finished. When asked who is the producer, I said, “I am the producer.” I saw the movie. The difficulty of the new team, I saw on the screen. Very good concept movie. Waited 9 months for a good release date. She seemed very happy after seeing the hard work. He also planned promotions. Her passion was evident. Basava Shankar took Natural Performance. There is a good humor. Definitely like it after watching the movie. The movie will be released on October 8 and everyone wants to embrace it. ”

Hero and producer Rakesh Varre said, “It’s an emotional journey. First of all, thanks to Vinayakagari. Because .. Badrinath gave me a good character and stood behind me. And I knew from the time Bobby became director. I look at him and become an Inspire. Thanks to Tarun Bhaskar. Thank you to cinematographer Vijay, lyricist Vasu and director Shankargari for our film. It is believed that the film will definitely suck. Thanks to Dilrajugari for supporting our film release. He was a great person. He is very helpful in advancing our project and dream. Thanks to my father as well. He wanted to retire and started working hard for me. Actually, I am not the hero of this movie .. our father is the hero. The movie will be released on October 8. I can guarantee that the film will be enjoyed. ”

VV Vinayak, Sensational Director, said: “When I saw the trailer of the film, I was very intrigued. Director Shankar is proof that the film will be a big hit. One director spoke fresh and honest on the first time stage. The movie will be as well. Rakesh traveled with me in a good character in Badrinath. Good performer. The wish he had had since childhood was fulfilled with the film. The film will be a big hit by definition. Thanks to Rajnanaki Rakesh who is producing and releasing the film. The film was a hit when it was good to see the king. The heroine of the movie made me feel like this trailer after seeing how energetic and sassy the Sai Pallavi performance in ‘Fida’ was. I want to congratulate the director who took what he wanted to say straight and without a hammer. ”

Film director Basava Shankar said, ” Watch this movie trailer. Watch the movie if you like. This film is sure to be liked by everyone. ”

Director KS. Ravindra says – “Don’t tell anyone.” But there is something to be said about Rakesh. Rakesh is Young Brother to me. He was educated in Abroad. If he wants, he can get a job and settle for dollars. But he came to Hyderabad with passion for cinema. Chaly with passion for cinema for several years, with a lot of money to not ask for a house, the self-rescued character became a character artist and produces his film. I’m very happy Rakesh. The child used to say a proverb. Property can be hit from us. Jewelry and money can be stripped. But I think we cannot beat the educated. And no one can beat the confidence that we have. Have a good team. Success comes and goes. A banner like Rajagari is releasing your film and it has a positive vibe. You will definitely succeed with this film. ”

Film director Shankar Sharma said, ‘This is my first film in Telugu. Rakesh introduced me to Facebook. Thanks to Rakesh for giving me a chance, ”he said.

Tarun Bhaskar said, “I have a good relationship with the director, Basava Shankar. He worked on the direction team for my movie ‘Wedding’. Scheduling for our unit. He thinks and speaks as he speaks. I was always interested in what kind of film he would direct. The film has a topic about the cast. Most people do not speak of this as a contraversial topic. But Shankargarh made the film a good film. I want to make this film a big hit. ”

The heroine Gargei Ellapragada said, ” This is not my first film … special movie. I worked with a very good team. I am happy to be in a movie with good story and character. Dilrajugaru is happy to support our film. Thanks to Director Basava Shankargari who gave me the character Harathi. Thanks to the producer as well. Thanks to my team for giving me such good experience, ”he said.

Rakesh Varre
Gorgeous Ellapragada

Structure and Philosophy: Basava Shankar
Producer: Rakesh Varre
Release: Sri Venkateswara Films
Camera: Vijay J Anand
Music: Shankar Sharma
Editors: Basava Shankar, Teja Yerranshetti, Satyajit Sugu
Sound Design: Sink Cinema
Songs: Vasu Valabhoju
Costumes: Amrita Bommi
Art: Lakshmi Sindhuja Gland
PRO: Not a dynasty
Line Producer: Ketan Kumar
Colourist: Vivekanand
Publicity Designer: Anant (Padma Shree ads)
Production House: Crazy Ants Productions

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