“Pre-Planned Murders” By Media


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It is normal for the media to put the drudgers to death without death. While a great person / celebrity / celebrity is still breathing and taking treatment in the hospital – writing their history and writing the tears before dead, their hearts are grieving and ready to make amazing poetry – the habit of the media ever! If the people living in the ICC are lucky enough to survive, then the media – all at once will contend. Jump into the field and cache that ‘event’! Television in televised form … clicks on web sites. You will get the result of videos in YouTube.

When Karunanidhi was on the bed yesterday – on Wikipedias and Google search, Karunanidhi received details – he did not die. The former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who has now fallen victim to their sin, Some media companies and web sites have started Google searches before he came to the conclusion that his health was very inseparable. His biography, his party, and the country he has done. It is all about telling him that he is poetry about his great admiration.

Of course! If a great man like Vaj Paiyay leaves this world – the media is responsible for giving him information. But here it is completely human values. Print Media – Newspapers were short-lived as soon as the man died. But now the competition in the media has increased. The benefit of the people to gain information from this competition – it is said that humanity is lost in the name of professionalism in journalism.

Every subject can be a journalist who is a public accessory, people’s lives can be a protective doctor – no matter how professional they are – not a single individual can be seen as a single event in their career. Do not reach the risk of being a man without professionalism. The morality of the kangaroo that provides the information in a competitive manner should not be thwarted. Journalists who make ‘pre-murders’ with the letters of celebrity without death – are the responsibility of the human being to lose their lives.

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