Prabhu Deva as Krishna Manohar IPS

krishnamanohar IPS

Prabhu Deva .. The light in the eyes decreased and the legs did not decrease in patience. Therefore, the director of the film, the heroine does not aspire to become. Occasionally the ‘wanted’ movie hangover in Hindi based on ‘Pokiri’ is still going on. Mahesh Character named Krishna Manohar was added to his film.

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Salman Khan remake of ‘Pokiri’ in Hindi with ‘Wanted’ and a super hit in Bollywood, Dancing Sensation Prabhu Deva is a Tamil movie titled ‘Krishna Manohar IPS’. Mahesh Babu’s role as Dare Devil Police Officer is Krishna Manohar. Annamala Sudhakar Naidu submission on the banner of Pawanaputra Productions. Prabhu Deva is playing the role of a Powerful Police Officer. Baahubali Prabhakar and Suresh Menon are playing the lead roles. Prabhu Deva, a lover and director, is preparing to release the film in the first week of December as a simulator in Tamil.
Songs: Rajesh, Songs: Bhuvanachandra, Music: D.Imman, Management: S.Chandrasekhar Naidu, Submission: Yanamala Sudhakar Naidu, Producer: R.Sitharamaraju, Direction: Mukhil Chelappan !!

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