Prabhas Supersedes Malayalam Superstars


After Bahubali, Prabhas became a ‘Indian superstar’ with a lot of craze in the south and north. However, it is really a great thing to get the name of Prabhas and the Mohanlal names in the Malayalam journals itself. It is known that all the cinematologists are keen to get away from the recent disaster. There are many actors in Telugu, Tamil and Telugu with Prabhas. Did you know that Rasindam thanked the recent celebrity Malayalam film ‘Nana’ on this topic? Prabhas Mammuthty Mohan Lal Romance Vijay Karthikeya Surya and others wrote: “Congratulations to the devotees of the Mahapralatyal kuriyaliyarde dhyatheshwas niraiyilukku praktatharangal to the prairathanangal” (congratulations to the actors who stood in the frustration of the Keralites in the Great Depression!). Surprisingly, Prabhas is more popular than Malayalam stars in this list. Prabhas Mammootty is not the first to write but the fact that he is the superheart of Malayalam Bahubali Superhit and the Indian Super Star level with Bahubali – Apart from these, Prabhas is more supportive of Kerala … Prabhas is likely to be the first in the list. However, Prabhas is truly remarkable as the name of the local stars over here!

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