Poonam Kaur Celebrates Handloom Day

As India is celebrating the 5th National Handloom Day on 7th of August 2019, there is a certain someone from the Tollywood industry who is doing their bit to shed light on this significant day.
Poonam Kaur, the Filmfare award nominee, dons a beautiful traditional Indian handloom saree to convey a message. Enduring the cold zero degree weather of New York City, the actress confidently dons the self-designed traditional handloom saree with the 9/11 Memorial in the background.
Poonam designed the handloom saree for a woman who she admires the most, after her mother – Michelle Obama. Poonam sets the mood with a hard-hitting poem written atop the handloom piece, touching on the subjects of peace, love and humanity, in a powerful way.
The message reads:
There is pain all over the world. It is full of fear, cries blood, and death.
The blue sky has been replaced by the grey smokes.
And the green fields have been flooded with blood.
Poonam Kaur has previously met the former US President, Barack Obama and the FLOTUS Michelle Obama. The actress has also expressed her strong yet progressive views on various social movements.
On India’s 5th National Handloom Day, Poonam Kaur wants to remind everyone of Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” as she takes the initiative to raise awareness on traditional handloom industry in India.

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