‘Poojaadam’ Trailer By B.V.S.N. Prasad


Malayalam superstar Mohanlal, Vishal, Hansika, Rasi Khanna and Srikanth are the major multiplayer ‘Puzhazhadam’ starring. Telugu translation for Malayalam film, directed by B. Unnikrishnan The film is produced by famous Kannada producer Rock Line Venkatesh, produced by Salman Khan ‘Bhajrangi Bhayyazan’ in Hindi, Rajivikanth ‘Linga’ in Tamil, Ravi Teja ‘Power’, ‘Atagada Shiva’. He is also released in Telugu. This month (March) is the cinematic film of the Telugu audience all over the world. The movie trailer is the famous Telugu film producer BVSN. Prasad was released. He later said, “I hope that this film will be successful in Malayalam too.”

Rockline Venkatesh is a huge multistar movie in the backdrop of crime drama and the role of heroine Srikanth is a villain in the film and Mohan Lal, Telugu Telugu actress Vishal, Telugu heroines Rasi Khanna and Hansika Mohan in the role of police officers Lal and Rashi Khanna are doing well “.

Siddique, Ranjith Panicker, Vinod Joss, Saikumar and others have played important roles in the film.

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