‘Poison’ Movie Motion Poster Released

Producer C. Kalyan Has Released The 'Poison' Movie Motion Poster

CLN Media’s ‘Poison’ movie motion poster has been released by C. Kalyan Sargari, a well – known producer and film industry luminary. The movie ‘Poison’ has been released simultaneously in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. Will be done. The film ‘Poison’ is a very rich and passionately produced film without compromising on where the producer is. The film was shot heavily in different locations in different cities like Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala and Hyderabad.

Director Shri Ravichandran shot the film in a very stylish and trendy manner with a different type of story and screenplay. It is a fashion and glamor industry based murder mystery crime thriller .The film is specially shot with five famous models. Shafi is the ACP character highlight in the film. Kamal lives in the role of Defense Lawyer .Hero Ramana is stylish in the role of Attitude with his own menarism. Amit Vikram and Fazal did well in their respective roles. DOP Muthu Kumaran created a magic with his camera work.

The lighting and angles he used are the highlight of the film. Young music director Nihal is ranked 636th in the world for gaming music. Given to him he stands as a music highlight given by a DJ Music Nihal DJ.Editing by editor Sartaj is very good. Prasad Lab’s contribution to the film is unforgettable, especially as they can visualize the experience and work .Everyone who has worked on the film has worked with great dedication to make it a trend set movie. Media is like a bridge between the audience and the producers, hoping that our small effort will be taken to your heart and promoted … … CILN Media

Producer c. Kalyan said .. Producer Family I know very well the movies are very passionate for those who are passionate about this motion poster release event I feel like our family event. Director Ravichandran is from our compound. He is technically a very sound person producer. The director shot this movie in a different concept. The motion poster is very different. Producer Shilpika said that the movie should be a big hit with Hero Raman.

Director Ravichandran says..I am very happy to release my first picture Poison Motion poster released by my mentor C Kalyan.It runs in a crime thriller Mysteries genre. The movie is going very well.

Name of the Movie: Poison
Banner: CILN Media
Languages: Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam
Artists: Ramana, Shafi, Kamal, Amit Vikram
Models: Simran, Shivanya, Sarika, Archana,
Pratiksha, et al
DOP: Muthu Kumaran
Music: DJ Nihal
Editor: Sartaj
Executive Producer: Siraj
Producer: Shilpika .K
Story Screenplay Dialogues Direction: Ravichandran
PRO: Madhu VR, Vamsi Shekhar

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