Plus 4 Jagan In Changing Capital!

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Is it really possible to change capital? Many say that. We have come a long way already. The argument that some people and some sections of the media have heard the argument that changing capital is of no benefit to either the pics or the people, except that the change of capital … is merely an act of revenge on the opposition.
However, the transformation of capital is not the biggest difficulty. The YCP’s argument is that it is not a big task as there are no major structures. There are a lot of people who admit this.

But – on the opposition side – some sections of the media are already compiling the pics with Tughlaq. Mohammed Bin Tughlaq From Delhi to Daulatabad … The transfer of capital from Daulatabad again is a matter of history. Jagan has already made a final decision about the capital and the capital has already been changed. They fear that if capital is changed – the seal of Telugu Desam and its very existence will be questioned.

What is the truth? Will Jagan get rid of Amravati completely? It is unlikely that it will be eliminated. This is because Amravati is associated with many farmers and people. It is evident that Jagan does not even want to build a capital there. And what kind of attitude could Pagan adopt?

One mechanism is that capital works in Amravati continue to flourish. Even if it is paused for a while, new tenders and company affairs may make it easier to resume work. But is the capital Amravati alone? Shouldn’t it be developing like capital elsewhere? True. It seems that Jagan is also planning to develop some more important areas of the state into the capital. Doing so will not even bother people. There is one important thing there.

When Chandrababu started Amaravati – many think that he was doing it again in Amravati, as he had done in Hyderabad in the past. That is – focusing on development all at once! After all the development was concentrated in Hyderabad and eventually lost it, the people of Andhra Pradesh felt deprived and came to a standstill. If at the same time the various towns in Andhra Pradesh, such as Visakha, Vijayawada, Kakinada, Tirupati, Kurnool and Machilipatnam were developing simultaneously with Nagaralani-Hyderabad, AP people would not have been on the road without capital. One of the most well-developed of them was the town – which had just become a capital and quickly developed. However, Chandrababu again made a mistake. Even though the chatter says that we will develop something – the focus is on Amravati. It is a death-threatening task to concentrate on the development of Amravati again. This is something that no one can forgive. Analysts say this is the point at which Jagan will now be used to move capital to a new location.

No matter how much we have – changing capital without people accepting it is an embarrassing thing. While Chandrababu sources have been very vocal about the conversion of capital as a serious matter, they are forgetting that he has no power in the past. If Chandrababu has only 23 seats, TDP should be able to determine the strength of more than 150 seats. So most of the people are likely to have pics.

Only those who fear that Chandrababu will land in the capital and worry that the real estate will be diminished – the rest of the people are more likely to agree to the changes.

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