People Reviewing Movie Reviewers!


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After the rise of social media, some of the characters who write correctly raise the journalist incarnation. In these circumstances – when a movie was released – every website started to give a review of its own. However, the media has changed how socially it is – people do not cheer up in the reviews. If you do not like WebSite Review – the people are reeling from the web reviewer to give them a review. This experience has come up with a new Malayalam film.

Malayalam Star Directed by Shafi ‘Oru Balayam Bomb Story’. The hero in the movie is a rendezvous. That hero’s name is Bibin George. His legs were damaged due to polio in real life. But in the movie, he played the hero in the movie. Heroine was seen as heroine in the movie ‘Pishachi’ for a few moments. The movie was appreciated by the Malayalam audience.

‘Oru Balayam Bomb Story’ is a comedy movie. Comedy People liked it very much. But some web sites have all been reviewed as the old storyline and there is nothing new in this movie. Many of those writers do not like much of Malayalam Natigans. Wherever reviewers criticized the film .. There were comrades who opposed those reviews everywhere.

Overall, the opinion of the general audience is more successful than the opinion of the reviewers on the web site. The film was super success and completed 50 days recently. Many people are hoping to play for 100 days.

In fact, the only time that the media did not grow up – some of them were reviewing some of the print media magazines. “We’re the journalists of the movie” – as was the case. But now everybody has a chance to become journalists. If not – the writing platform – if you know all the alotapappa reviews – the people who are the same again to get the same reviewers on the spot. So are the journalists who are cinematic reviews on web sites! Just be careful. Give me some feedback and write reviews.

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