People Only What They Have To Do…

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People have voted to vote for any party. But the decision they made is now hidden in the EVMs. The trustworthiness of the companies that have revealed the results of the survey by various names for so long. Various results of the survey surveys suggest that the parties, along with the parties, to inspire and inspire people. This is true, but the impact it has on the population is substantial. Especially neutral voters are easily affected. Survey results revealed that each institution has the power to power each party. This will be true in the counting of votes on the 23rd of the month. People have come to a decision to decide which party to trust in the form of votes. In the near future, the survey will reveal the credibility of these institutions.

Many surveys that have gone too far in the past
If elections are coming up, there are a hundred kinds of ideas for each party. Nana tries to win. Political parties, especially the ruling parties, who have been for four and a half years, are in line with surveys in the last six months. There is no belief that the service of the four hundred years will win, unless it is great to say that people are serving. Four years of practice or belief on surveys. Internal Survey in the party and various private companies. Some media outlets showing the devotion beyond the king are exposed to the polling percentage and number of seats available to the parties. Some of the surveys say that some of the survey companies will come to power with more than ninety seats in Andhra Pradesh, less than 120 YSRCP. National media outlets also have different expectations in the same way. Many of these surveys have been hit in the past. This time, their honesty and loyalty is going to be so loud. The polling has been done but the parties have been forced to walk day after day and count for ten days. The counting of votes to survey companies is just one test, as the polls have been tested for political parties. The survey conducted by Lagadapati Rajagopal in Telangana Assembly polls has proved wrong. The long-term credibility of the late Rajagopal Telangana has failed to conclude that his assessment for the first time has resulted in the Assembly election results.

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