Pawan Political Future Is Depend On Elections…

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It is important that Pawan Kalyan’s Janashakthi Party will be able to win the election in the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections, which is the only thing between the TDP and YSRCP. The current opinion of the politicians is that it will not be able to win seats unless the two parties vote to break up the vote bank. There is a strong belief that Chandrababu will play a decisive role in defeat. This is an assessment that the CPI (M) voters in the last election will be affected by the chances of winning the Chandrababu victory. Depending on the votes cast by Pawan Chellam, In the last election, the TDP has won more than 1.78% of the votes, but the main opposition party, YSRCP. An analysis has shown that about 8% of votes cast in the Telugu Desam. This time, political analysts think that the decline in the percentage of votes is a major blow to TDP. The percentage of votes for the same Pawan is likely to decide the future of Jana.

In the past, Chiranjeevi’s loyalty to the community was defeated in the hometown of the village, even though the people’s party was based on votes. The social community voters could not win even a substantial number. About 59% of this community was able to attract the vote bank. Chiranjeevi is more popular than Pawan Kalyan. But failure is a failure. This is the question of whether Pawan Kalyan will show a lot of influence over Chiranjeevi. While TDP has not fulfilled the assurances given to Kapus during the last election, this time there is also a claim that YSRCP will not be given a clear guarantee that this will not be given to Pavan Kalyan. Pawan Kalyan was allotted 16 of the remaining 26 seats in the total of 36 assembly constituencies in East and West Godavari districts of SC and ST reservation. In the four parliamentary constituencies, the Kapu candidates were held.

Who hurt?
Can the TPP be damaged by cutting the vote bank or the YSRCP is crucial. The Telugu Desam, which has won over 8 per cent of the vote in the last election, is not giving them reservation in these five years and it is a negative factor that has not been fulfilled in the past. However, the guarantee that the top caste to pay for the poorest 5 per cent reservation for the poor is a relief to TDP. Additionally, the establishment of a special corporation for the Kapus will merge. That is why Chandrababu hopes for the BCs, which are the highest after Kapus in these two districts. They were described as ‘backbone classes’ and made an impressive effort. At the same time, it was not in the hands of the Kapus that he had been in the hands of the center and that the Jagan who escaped from the center would later react to the attempt to put pressure on the center. Thus, the Telugu Desam and YSRCPP have no beliefs for the Kapus. So there is no guarantee that the entire crowd will come to the junction. The reason for Pawan Kalyan’s lack of belief that politics will be new and coming into power. Pawan Kalyan is likely to be hit by any party by the votes cast. The Telugu Desam, who won the votes in the last election, came to power so this time it is possible that Chandrababu is more likely to hurt.

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