Pan India Movie From Kannada ‘Atade Sreemannarayana’

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Mallikarjun’s Pushkar Pushkar Rakshit Shetty Films banner, heckeprakas is producing the film, “he Srimannarayana ‘. Tendulkar is becoming a visionary. The film is being released at the Grand Level in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. The trailer of the movie was released on Thursday. Natural Star Nani has released the Telugu trailer. In this case …

Hero Rakshit Shetty said: “I think the trailer is for everyone. Basically, I have been building trailers of my films for two years now. But it took months for the film to be cut. I got into films from short films. Very hard And when it comes to ‘Atade Sreemannarayana’, I worked three years for this film. Many traveled with me on this journey. Thanks to my team for this event. It’s been seven years since I arrived. It is said that fewer films were made. But if you look at the movies I made, it would be difficult for me to lose. Shankar Naggar’s vision for the film was inspired by ‘Malgudi Days’. Malgudi’s premise in the film is a surreal exit from South India. It will be connected to all parts of India. We have done 19 sets for this movie. About 90% of Bangalore’s sets are taken. The rest of the film is filmed in Bijapur and Northern Karnataka. We also decided to make a Pan India movie to start the film and release the teaser. As part of that, we are now releasing the movie Huge Range. I have just finished the Kannada version when it comes to dubbing. I said dubbing to the Hindi trailer. Now that the voice is set, I want to say dubbing to Hindi in full. After completing this big film and making it a Pan India movie, the producers are a source of encouragement. 385 roses in three years. Director Sachin sleeps and sleeps. The team was all very well supported. Thanks to my friend, Kirik Party Director Rishab Shetty for appearing in the short film Eisenima. Love, adventure, comedy and action are all in this movie. ” Later, in response to a question asked by journalists, the favorite actor in Telugu, Young Tiger, said that he liked NTR. He said that he would like to work with her on screen, off screen and on screen.

Pushkar producers Mallikarjuna, said heckeprakas – ” before the film started with a budget of Rs 8 crore. It is a good film based on story and subject, without compromising on cost. We are also releasing the Pan India movie. Rakshit Shetty is happy to act in this movie. We would like to do better with him. ”
Director Sachin said, “It’s great to be working on a film for three years. Not one of these is my fault .. Everyone’s got support. Like everyone. Hero protected Shetty, producers Mallikarjun Pushkar, heckeprakaslaku, other actors, technicians teliyajesukuntunnanu thank you, “he said.
Other actors and technicians, including the heroine Sanvi Srivastava, participated in the event.

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