‘Ooranta Anukuntunnaaru’ First Look, Teaser Launch

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‘Ooranta Anukuntunnaaru’ is a film based on the Ravaskar Entertainment banner. Naveen Vijayakrishna and Srinivas Neela are the heroes. Megha Chowdhary and Sophia Singh are the heroes. Balaji Sannala director Producers of Srihari Mangalampally, Ramya Gogula, PLN Reddy, A.Padmanabhareddi. Superstar Krishna, First Look, Vijayarmarkala, Hero First Look, Naresh, Naveen Look Teaser, Krishna and Vijayarmarma. On the occasion of the birthday of hero Naveen Vijayakrishna, the film unit cut the cake.
Krishna said, “The title is the half of the film’s success. In this, the film has got a nervous title of ‘Urutara Think’. This title is good when it comes to most titles with English words. Our youngest daughter grew up in the film Atmosphere. There is something in it. The songs and fights are all well done. Artist will be a good future as well. Our Naresh Judgment is good. Naresh has heard the story .. It is good that the film is in the subject. Naveen will have to follow Fan with this movie, “he said.
Vijayirarmala said, “The producer and the movie should be blessed with all.”
Speaking keemradhakrsnan ‘Naveen’s a very good role. Movie with the story Rural background will go on, “he said.
Naveen said, “We have shot for this film in the village of Palikol. I never went to the rule ever before. The film is about to be settled there. It’s a very good movie, “he said.
Naresh said, “Naveen is a good hero with Nandini Narsing Home. He is the hero and the artist. After listening to the 5,6 scripts. This story is a great thing for us. 99% of the films that I am fine did not fail. This is a good entertainer. The title is good. The rest of the cast is very good. I looked at the preview. The producers found Taste. Dubbing is going on, “he said.
The producer said, “This is a beautiful film in rural direction. Naveen sounds like Cout Village Boy. The new Zoner will be cinematic. Many shades of Naveen will be discovered in this film. ”
Jayasudha, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rao Ramesh, Annapurnaamma, Raja Ravindra, Ashok Kumar, Prabhavati, Zabardasath Rama, Jabardath Babi, Gautamraju, Appaji, Kranti are the key players. The music: keemradhakrsnan, songs, Vanamali, peddadamurti, Hari Mangalampalli camera jielenbabu, editing, wine, dances, Sun, story: srimangalam, romantic, art, krsnamaya, production co-operation: U and I Entertainments, Producers: Srihari Mangalampally, Ramya Gogula, PLNN Reddy, A.Padmanabhareddy, by Writing, directed by Balaji Sanalala.

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