One By Two is Two! Zero Until Tomorrow


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“Anything that is ever present then talk and talk to him,” said Sumathi, a centurion. Now some media outlets are doing the same. The number one ranked number one in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, has been ranked number one in the country to provide adaptive atmosphere for business people. We can be glad that two top rankings have come to us. But there is something more noticeable than this victory here. That is the story that some media organizations have shown in bringing the win to the readers!
Now almost every major press is run separately in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. But the same thing they do not have when they come to write the same thing nowhere. There’s a thing that’s going to be here. The number one rank that came to Andhra in the edition of the edition there was a great deal of magazines – Telangana. If Telangana is in Andhra number one – it seems that Telangana would be less likely, Telangana’s rank number 2 is bigger and Andhra Pradesh achieved rank number 1 and ‘balance’. What is the need for such a balance to write the truth? Yet there is no competition competition between Telangana and Andhra, except in the movement of the movement and no divisive hatred. In this case, you know that this great knowledge is unnecessary. Whatever is theirs! However, the fact is that it is not a great achievement as it is a simpler atmosphere. The real achievement was when it realized the atmosphere and made much progress to the establishment of industries! Until then – the value of these ranks is not just one, just zero!

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