Once Charged No Need To Charge For 33 Months!

Yes. It’s true! Its charge remains 33 months if charged once. It’s not a smart phone. It is Smart watch. Its name is ‘UltraWatch – Z’. Recharging the smart phone every day is a boring task. If smart watch too needs daily charge it will be a too boring. But this smartwatch will do without charge, for the thirty three months, i.e. almost three years.

Not only the long surviving battery, this smartwatch is waterproof and dust proof too! Above all – it works with both Apple and Android platforms. There are also fitness features like calculating calories, and waking steps.  This watch comes with a Gorilla Glass and almost unbreakable. It comes in three colors and is also available in India. You can buy it here.

Single watch costs Rs. 6400. If you buy more watches, you can get a discount too.

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