Oh! What A Comedy!


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It is a pleasure to work with such talented comedians – says Amir Akbar Antony press meet director Srinu Vaitla. Raviteja’s latest movie ‘Amar Akbar Antony’ is being directed by Sreenu Vaitla and the film will be released on November 16th. The film has good expectations for the trailer and songs with the film. It is good that Ilaya is the heroine of the film and Taman has composed the music. The film was produced by Maitri Movie Makers. The film was held in Hyderabad. The event was attended by director Sreenu Vaitla and comedian This is the story of director Srinu Vaitla in Haas Their role in revealing the names of the actors featured in the film was introduced .. said ..

Comician Vennela Kishore said, “My character is Chanthi Muriyala .. Srinu Vaitla Garu is a good character in every film .. I have played a nice character in this film .. I am a funny character with the first time negative shade. Scenes are very good in combinations .. I’d like to see you all for the best of a comedian One of the rear directors of Long End Designer is Srinu Vilasalu .. Each character is very well designed and designed to hit the film ..

Srinivas Reddy said that he is all about the director Srinu Vaitla for all of us in the film. Thank you very much thanks in the film .. We are doing nothing in the film. Every scene is very enjoyable .. Raghubabu is a terribly teaser character of my character .. good character. All the best for the actors who have done this movie with me .. This movie is super hit and our K. Going to the well for water .. ..

Giridhar said … Srinu Vaitla has done a good role in the film like in every film .. my role in another layer .. I played the role of Chetan Sharma .. Vennela Kishore’s assistant .. Very entertaining role I have done a lot of fun in all of the combinations .. Thanks a lot for Srinu Vaitla who gave me such a good role

Director Sreenu Vaitla said, “This Gang will be Sunil Jain in the second half .. His name is Baby Sitter Bobby..This character is laughing at the audience .. All of these comedy characters are part of the story and there are no seperate tracks .. From the beginning to the end of the film. After so many days, I am happy to have a good comedy in my movie .. It is happy to work with such good talented comedians.

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