Number Won’Change! Decision Won’Change!

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KCR reiterates that the 105 candidates mentioned earlier will be final. It is another sensation to say, “No change … this is final!” – if you have a chance to announce the candidates in the original 105 seats, it would be a change in time for a stage promotion.

The preliminary electoral strategy is to announce 90% of the seats in the seats in advance, indeed the example of Telangana CM KCR leadership. Because there is a danger of the disappearance of the party in the aftermath of the announcement. However, KCR is very open and very clear – though all the more seats have been announced, there are no short cadets and no discontent in the contest – there are no hard talkers. Based on this, KCR is aware of the control over the party.

Usually the party leaders are the folna seat .. He is doing the intention of meantine, to the end of the laughing and loses – no plans. Even though the KCR is the first time that 105 candidates have been nominated, it seems that it is a sensation, and many people do so. Many of the disadvantages will go to the party. All the unsatisfied people start making jumps. Tereses seem to be turbulent. The KCR certainly should not be changed in some positions … something was initially declared 105 for the sensation, but it would be wrong to change it later. But all of their assumptions proved to be wrong with KCR’s 105th final. Maybe criticizing the opposition is a dictatorship. But you can also assume that a leader has a kriyar in his party.

The claim that internal bourgeoisie is benevolent, is that the Congress is overwhelmingly confused by the announcement of the announcement of candidates’ announcement. KCR can be put in the name of dictatorship … or dodging, but the value of a party to a leader’s word – certainly increases the party’s value. Perhaps this is the idea of ​​KCR. The Congress leaders have yet to take advantage of their inner democracy, and have to make decisions in the matter of the seat seasons. Otherwise, they will announce the candidates for a long time. Teares candidates in this time will survive. Those in the same seats in the same seat!

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