NTR’s Image Down Down!?

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NTR’s biopic has been started in a mohur, but since then the criticism is that the NTR image has started falling down. As the biopic declares, there are two other biopic points. In both of them – NTR fans want to throw him out of history – NTR’s second step is to play a major role – the most important thing here. In this way – Ramgopal Varma, a late Lakshmikar NTR, has been damaging the NTR image of Kathir Reddy Jagadishwar Reddy who is taking biopic of Lakshmi Veeragantham. Even though they are the ones who show respect for NTR – NTR’s image damages are beginning to be the reason why NTR fans feel that they should not touch anyone in NTR’s life. The tragedy beyond the lack of collections of biopic made to increase the NTR image.

In addition to competing biopics – the story of people who are close to NTR once in YouTube channels – this genre damaged the NTR image. This is a setback for those who want to show NTR as a divine name for this generation. Now journalism has come into the hands of some people. The old NTR’s close friends talk about – many YouTube channels have interviewed. The same NTR became the biggest threat. The NTR is not so great, and only media support has come to him – the new generation now feels – it has a lot of YouTube channels role. Nagabab Balakrishna’s confrontation is also indirectly damaging the NTR image.

If any more – others go further – NTR’s unmistakable controversy about the contents of life. The NTR has a criminal nature, he has done some murders, like Nandendal Bhaskararu – young enthusiasts like enthusiastic Vangavati Narendra – still go ahead and openly refer to NTR Shavapuja and saris. It is known that Kota Srinivasa Rao is one of the heroines of the day. If something like this is now open to NTR – there is a situation that can not do anything.

On the whole, an attack on NTR before the elections began. Till recently, anti-TDP activists were present at the time of criticizing NTR. When they criticize the Telugu community – NTR is a great man, or Chandrababel speaker. But now the method has changed. What? Do NTR do not make mistakes? Do not you make them dark films? Why Why should we worry about the NTR image? Let’s talk truthfully. Wrong? – the trend of popularity – especially in the media in social media. Their opinion seems to be that the Telugu Desam Party, the original cruelty of a community of NTR’s image, has not been raised yet. This is a bad news for the TDP who ate food in Telangana! How many of the criticisms – the party that is grabbing on the NTR image – this new trend – like a pistol on the fox!

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