NTR In The Foots Of ‘Mahanati’


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‘Manam’ is a wonderful gift to the family of Akkineni. Grandfather, father, son actress and family all have a rare chance of coming together in the world. Similarly – the father of Kodukutu and the rare opportunity of acting in his father’s role will not come to anyone except Balakrishna. And what kind of hero did the director of this film? Let’s see.

However, the first criticism of this film is that neither NTRLaga Balakrishna is fit. Though Balakrishna has tried to speak and speak NTR in many places – he has a special image separately – stuck to the opposite Balakrishna – it is hard for audiences to think it is harder for him.

In the storyline, NTR’s film career has been covered well. Even though some of the important ones like LaVucca have been left out – the pictures of many of the images are well-tapped. There are criticisms that there are some mistakes. NTR’s son is dead and is said to be the ‘Daksha Yagnam’ movie. But the film is shown in a different film. NTR Shiva has acted in two films – ‘Umachandi Gowri Sankar Katha’ and ‘Daksha Yagnam’. In both cases, the tragic events of his life – the people who say that he has not played the role of Lord Shiva in his life.

If any more – about Krish’s intellect! Krishiki has good emotions as director. He showed them in movies like destination and veda, and came up with. But another of his talent – hard-pressing film has a guided tour – waving as a speedy minima guarantee! This is really a great talent … so much harder Rajamouli has done for five years ‘Baahubali’ – with the inspiration in the short story ‘Gauthamiputra Satakarni’ – we also have Minimum Guarantee! Now, NTR has pulled ‘Mahatani’ guides.

To be honest, the credit for this movie will go to Nagan Ashwin, director of ‘Mahanat’. Nag Ashwin has created a guide to think about how to make a biopic. Krish’s follow-up to the guidelines! We do not know the truth, but in the case of biopic – black-and-white color transitions, lighting, actors selectivity – all the angles of Chris Nag seems to be Ashwin’s follow.

The words written by Burra Madhav are good. “Your guns may be real, but it’s the heart of the movie.”

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