Now ‘George Reddy’!

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George Reddy was the name of the student revolutionary leader decades ago. It is the name of courage and courage. Georgi Reddy, who has been the mainstay of the establishment, is ideally suited for many student movements today. At Osmania University in Hyderabad .. Graduated leader of the student movement, Gorge Reddy, at a very early age, was killed by some rivals on campus. His ambition remains alive. There are still struggles today for his chosen society. Such an ideal student leader’s life is going to be discovered on silverware.
Jeevan Reddy, who had earlier been seen with ‘Dalam’, is the director of this film. His friends today say that Georgi Reddie is the most intelligent student of the day. Reflecting the subject, “Gorge Reddy” is going to go to college with a dressing style of dating with books in hand. The producers say that soon the first look will be given the details of the actors. The title “Meet the for Goten Leader Soon” and a Man of Action is also capable of capturing the O for Gotta Leader story.
In the late 1970s, the backdrop was massive
The film is being produced jointly by Mike Movies’ director Appireddi Three Lines film banner. Cinematography for ‘Sireath’ created by Sensation in Marathi. ‘Sudhakar Reddy Yekkunti’, which is also the director of the recently released film ‘Naan’, is the cinematographer.
The shooting is complete and the film is going to be released in the summer.

Cinematography: Sudhakar Reddy’s
Music: Suresh Babbili,
Editor: Karthika Srinivas,
PIRVO: GSK Media, Producers: Appreddy, Damu Reddy Kausanam Written, Directed by: Jeevan Reddy.

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