Nothing Wrong in IlaiyaRaja’s Decision!



Padakudadantu Ilayaraja’s songs – including some families gave singarsku notices. It is quite a buzz in the music industry, it’s a big controversy that the media golapedutondi. But think of it, though – which is by Ilayaraja tappem? It emerges that there was nothing. Creative varkki credit ivvadangani designed the original one, the honor of our country is at the stage of ivvadangani completely forgotten the poor. Whoever made the creation of innovative art – with its terms and without any labhamu, from time to time dannedo profits were using their own sommulaga ekkuvaipoyaru. Itivi, Maa like to see the entertainment channels. Ekkadapadite there – if any of the program, the program Ilayaraja songs, background music vadesukuntunnaru bits. Pony vyaparalabham unexpected sevakaryakramala any of their programs? Commercial programs, all ad! Programs crore had been made! Such programs – the use of a minimum number of paid every bitki rupakartaki funeral. However, the usage of programs to villevaru bitski music – is not a lot of money, at least not giving credit. Put the audio – each new songs in the film – without sinimarilij vadesukuntunnaru shame. Ilayaraja is not the only one, what is the situation of all sangitadarsakula music! The situation of the media so that they can not wait! Baseball lantivallu also – as sincere songs, Ilayaraja lantivari teliyajeppi individuals to greatness, their dignity pencutunnarugani, as commercial benefact pettalekapotunnaru them anymore.

In think – India ilayarajalanti there is a great composer. The name of the great tunes of Bollywood music Ilayaraja bhiksapettayi anumallik dairektarlendariko. What earned him such a big Ilayaraja? He was the greater glory! But as a practical standpoint – something that people do not have nothing to gain with him except meccukollu. However, the country such as the US – how many times I quote quote bits of his music as much as the money comes in royalties. Thus, such a great music director Ilayaraja crore and he had to resort to a similar decision for himself Ilayaraja am in such a state? What padaddani no fault of his songs without his permission? Ilayaraja decision nurupallu compulsory percent! Vadestunnaru music from moving freely in every commercial program. Chanelski habit of stealing music is something that is found appananga changed. Some, such as the middle of this Gharana arpipatnayak talked about phishing. Yet, the presence of the scandal dongilincadanna vallo Tunes others – words no one RP Patnaik is not taken seriously. (RP manasanta pattern that you have built is called Dragonfly Dragonfly Vidyasagar, the creator of the song. Some of the films as well as tunes by Ilayaraja completely deny the RP.) Our country has gone without meaning to how intellectual property. Films … it is not piracy of intellectual property – that the appananga vadesukovaccu chat ceppevallanta Ilayaraja songs – that is, how? Amazon how valuable film by Ilayaraja’s music more valuable. Ilayaraja has now changed the concept was wrong, Creative Works, you need to take steps to make it available to the appropriate reward!

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