Not Intelligent? No Worry! You Can Be Rich!

Who in life can make the most money. The real wealth comes mostly to whom … that is, the answer we usually say to it … has three types of causes. One is talent, two is hard working mentality. Other than that, the occasional lucky chance is the third reason.
That is, when a man is highly talented he is more likely to earn. Even if you do not have much talent, hard work and hard work in a field to come up with the opportunity to attract money to them …. Or along with the occasional special opportunity, luck also comes with the money. Some of those who qualify for that opportunity will grow up in life. This is what we as a general think – the “process of getting rich”!
Those who have some talent in this calculation, those who work hard, those who are lucky – they want to be rich.

Not Intelligent? No Worry! You Can Be Rich! 1

However, in the real world, lumbering elephants are exposed by the aggression of speeding midgets. If we take the total population of the world and analyze the data of who is rich, who is intelligent … most of the things that we can not believe in the film are coming out. Aventante, most of the intelligentsia could not become rich. Also, not all of them are very intelligent – except for the ones who are extremely rich. This is the truth.

And why did they all become rich? Why are so many intelligent people left in the middle class and poor? Why is this happening? The idea of ​​being is very important. In the real world, lumbering elephants are exposed by the aggression of speeding midgets. – Ordinary people may think. But the reality is not so. Not everyone with talent is rich, that is – there is no direct link between talent and money making. And then – what is the real reason that makes a man rich?

Alessandro Plucino – a man who did an amazing practical experiment to solve this mystery. Alessandro, who works at the University of Catania in Italy, did an excellent study with his two colleagues. It is a scientific experiment that finds a connection between human talent and money making. It’s like a simulation, a game – like experiment. It contains elements that are human. There are opportunities as well. How opportunities naturally come to man in the world …. how money comes … in the same way … happens in this simulation. Here are the human elements .. giving more talent to some, less talent to some … went on giving points. As well as creating a philosophy of laziness for some, hard work for others. So very naturally this simulation was made and maintained. But if you look at the final output in this game-driven simulation – Alasandroke’s eyes are back on the experiment.

Not Intelligent? No Worry! You Can Be Rich! 2

The point is, according to the rules of our world – no matter how money is run – no matter how the opportunities are distributed – strange things are happening as the final output approaches. There is no guarantee that the most money will go to the most talented. In this game .. in the end only a few who have talent‌ become rich. Also, even among the richest, talent is scarce. Not if they are innocent, but they are not really super intelligent either.

Alessandro, who ran this simulation very objectively, took a good look at why this was happening as the finale.

In this experiment, each person was given points to have some skills and some intelligence … to stay natural in the middle – elements of luck were also introduced into the system in the name of opportunities. This is how it should be – just like the opportunities in the real world! Given a chance – it’s not for everyone. The same is true for those who have a particular talent in that particular situation – those who have some experience. For example – Suppose suddenly there comes a season when a lot of money comes to those who have learned a program language. Suppose it lasts only two months. In order to be lucky – you must have already learned that language. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Some similar Natural Lucky Elements have also been introduced in this system.

However – the finale is that the money will eventually reach anyone – only those who have taken such opportunities! Even in this system – no matter how many talent points – if luck does not come together – they will not be able to get rich in the end. This means that there is no direct link between talent and money. Yetavata – It seems that it is a blatant lie to say that intelligent people can become rich. Knowing that money will not come unless luck meets. This is a very pictorial thing. The man who experimented with this could not believe it. Therefore – he conducted this experiment several times to confirm. However, no matter how many times this experiment is performed in this simulation … the only luck that comes in the middle – is to make someone rich in the end. There is no such thing as an intellectual being rich.

That doesn’t mean the wise can’t make money. The rich may be wise. But even the most intelligent can become rich beyond that. So Definitely the most talented people get the most money – is a myth – the experiment showed. This seems to have scientifically proven a living fact.

Alessandro has scientifically proven in this experiment that no matter how much talent we have in human life … no matter how hard-working philosophy … luck plays a very big role in life. So look … it’s up to you whether you believe in fortune telling … show horoscopes … or develop new skills to take advantage of existing opportunities! However, not even science now admits that luck is very important in life. Because this is a scientifically proven fact with simulation.

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