No Vacation At Work .. No Rest For The Body!

No Vacation At Work .. No Rest For The Body! : Pitiable Situation of Korean drivers

‘Quarosa’ in Korea means – the same thing Jabbanukuneru. If you can not fall with the corona, do not worry that this kurosa entra babu. It is not a virus. But it’s also a big deal! Falling on a workload that cannot be done can lead to death. Such stressful death is called ‘qurosa’ in Korean. Many people in Korea are now dying of the disease. Most of them are delivery workers! Because work means .. increased business transactions, to protect the country from the financial crisis caused by the corona. Hence the deliveries of goods increased exponentially. The Koreans are coming to life in the guise of protecting the country from economic woes. Similar work stress deaths are occurring, especially in South Korea.

No Vacation At Work .. No Rest For The Body! 2

Now that the people of any country in the world are suffering the most … let’s say Afghanistan. Being there is a unique situation. But, even without such an accident – South Koreans are facing the most deadly hardship in their daily lives.
There is an argument that people in India do not work so actively. There is no denying this. If the people of our country had worked harder since independence – the truth is that the country would not have lagged behind. However, if India suffers from laziness, then countries like Japan and Korea are on the list of countries that suffer the most from overwork.

After the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese worked hard with the great intention of rebuilding their Japanese country, which had been devastated. Achieved what was expected in just a few decades. Much progress has been made. Gradually, however, that work ethic was digested among them. Therefore, overwork in that country has become a habit. But that over-activism brought some problems there.

The South Koreans went into almost the same cove. Corona is determined to survive the blow and lead their country on the path of progress. That determination to bring the country back to normalcy from the financial crisis was reflected in the work done by various departments and communities. Everyone worked very hard. Due to this intense work pressure some sectors are suffering a lot .. still struggling. Delivery workers are among the first to arrive. Let the employees deliver various goods. Collecting the luggage to be delivered, sorting the luggage, then loading it on the trucks, delivering it on time … all of these are part of their duty! However – these delivery workers have been under severe pressure for the past year and a half as work has increased exponentially.

Delivery workers in South Korea are working around the clock, as the virus – which has shut down any services in the country – has prevented the movement of goods. They often do not sleep. In Korea, the nickname for the discipline – you have to add things to the right times, to the right places. This increases the tension and has a serious effect on them. It could be essentials, it could be other goods … whatever is being delivered … but the lives of these workers are going to be hellish. Loading and driving should be done by themselves. In Korea, it is customary for the driver to sort the goods and load them. Therefore – they do not get any assistance even from the godowns that supply them. An international survey has found that the situation of freight drivers in Korea is the most deplorable after Corona.

While some countries are suffering from laziness, other countries are suffering due to increased work pressure.

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