No Over Expectations On Android 9!


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We know that Google will release its Android operating systems version names in the Alphabetical order. Ginger bread, honeycomb, ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, kit kate … Like a B C D … 9 version of Android is now named pie. Everyone knows that this thing is android follow. Because the beta versions of the Google Android 9 pie version have long been running. Some phones are also being tested on them. For example, One Plus 6, Sony Xperia X ZED 2, Ziami Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus, RP 15 Pro, Vivo X21 phones already have Android pie beta.

The latest version of the Google 9 Pie Final has been released. But this release did not happen without a big hug. Since many are already using its beta versions – there is nothing to make too much. What does it matter to the final final version of the official? This is the final version of the update – it’s anticipated that the beta version is already on the phones! Also … Before launching any new version of the operating system, Google offers its predecessor in Pixel Devices. The Android 9 is going to be unofficial in Google’s new devices.

What are the new features in this android 9? Smart Phone Device – How is this new operating system going to improve in what sense? Let’s see now.

For example, the iPhone did not have navigation buttons in the same way, but the Navigation Buttons had been reduced to Pie by linking with Google Assistant and trying to give the operating system a new look. The new features, such as Adaptive Applications, Adaptive Brightness, for longer battery time. Specialty in the use of the app as well as the cost of battery life.

Also there is a little newness in the notifications. We have some options to respond to the notice rather than to respond to the notice. This means it’s possible to replay directly from the notification window … Also the new feature, APP Actions, is introduced in this 9 version. What we’re going to do, what we’re going to use, how to use the phone, what applications we’re using, what we’re going to see, what’s going to be reading … This is the operating system that helps us to guess or perceive it. This applies to app actions. This feature works with artificial intelligence.

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