That Is The “Beauty” Of Nikkie

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She is a blonde beauty. The girl’s name is Nickkie. According to Beauty Tips on her channel on YouTube – admiring her beauty and her cleverness of beauty – her channel has reached millions of subscribers. But a twist. She has a lot to say to the regular viewers … but she never said anything important about her. She hid that fact. Why? If the people know that fact – some may be far from her. Some may be less affectionate. Some may feel low on her. Some may even hate her. She felt that important fact – just so. Is this true? Did she commit any crime? Nothing. And what is the real truth? What – that girl is not a girl. Once a boy. She later became a girl. That means … transgender. It is hard to believe now that the girl who is the image of beauty is not Amma. If she knows the truth – she’s worried all this time that the world she admires is far from her.

And why now?
Why did Nicky reveal his secret now? Because – a blackmailer threatened her. “You will reveal your original image, which is very popular with the girl’s appearance. Nicki was so excited.
Her anxiety gradually turned into thought. He did nothing wrong. Born as a male. But since childhood he had been thinking that he was in the wrong body. Because she felt she was not a woman. It is not meant for the world but for suffering. It is a distress that no one else cares about except the own mother. That’s why – at the age of 14 – she made the decision and became a girl. But it is not easy to change, to get permission from society. That is why his identity is kept secret. Lived as a girl.

That Is The "Beauty" Of Nikkie 2Life that did not get any sympathy!
Nicky’s life as a girl is well. But because of the sexual dysfunction, she was in constant pain. Those who have been greeted with affection – until they know the subject. They love to see the beauty of it – they are in the mood. It lives like a desert with no occupants. How many times have she been hurt by the lack of respect in society for life!

Finally he got close to the man she loved most. But he could not hide the truth that it was too far away. She said in fear at the end. He was very human and he always embraced her. What is yours Cozy. Beauty is her passion. Slowly Beautician. Started the Beauty Tips channel on YouTube. Millions of subscribers joined it. Now they all want to be the beautiful girl. Tell them the truth someday. If? What if everyone hates him? The fear began again. She was harassed by a blackmailer. Tell the truth … your defamation said. What to do? What to say? Contemplated.

What to do? How to deal with it?
What if someone anonymous comes and reveals his secret? – Wrong signals go to people who have made a mistake by hiding something else. So – what does that say? What if Blackmail does what he does? What if he told himself his true secret? Whatever happens it happens. Sounds like the same fun.

That Is The "Beauty" Of Nikkie 314 January 2020 … exactly the same day .. he told his story in a video on his channel. Youtube exposed the pain and excitement of her life story. Beautiful how sad she was behind her eyes … People have seen … People have heard that she has spiked with glittering lips. Her heartbeat, the elegance of Gadgadha’s voice and the elegance … moved all humanity. The people were thrilled to hear about the barbed wire in her life story that seemed so stupid. Eventually she understood that it was heartbreak. What is the cause? Eventually the couch happened. She bravely told the truth – all the people jjed.

Who was that blackmailer?

One question, however, remains. Oops! Who is the blackmailer who caused such a fine person to suffer? That is the question! The same people took turns. In fact, the police have already figured out who the blackmailer is. Someone who is a blackmailer … including the address phone number – Nicky now clearly knows. The beautiful girl – popular on the YouTube platform, the name of the blackmailer once said .. People cheer.

But she once again established her superiority. He cannot harm another’s life. Doing so will not go down the block. Even if he discloses the details – the family members associated with the blackmailer would be embarrassed. Is it necessary? Said. Janam Hatsoff said she was good-hearted and generous. She realized that her mind, too, had been tutorial about beauty. Her channel, which already has millions of subscribers, has added more subscribers.

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