Need To Go On Paying Forever!

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If you have ever bought a home, please! They want to work for the rest of their lives. They plan to buy something else. But now, TV and smart phones are getting out of hand in three or four years. Need to buy something new again. Now the situation is up to software, apps, and internet services.

Until yesterday we had to buy software and apps – just buy them once. Not just apps … even if it’s an Internet service – the subscription option is the “Lifetime Subscription” option. However, it is worth noting that in the recent past, many apps and many Internet services – “Lifetime Purchase” have been completely eliminated. Once in a while, you can use it for the rest of your life … Unless you pay for a certain amount of subscription every month, service, software and apps can not be used. Free software and free apps – all good features are usually found in premium apps and premium services. Although most of the apps and software are offered in two levels – Free version and Pro version … Pro version is only once in lifetime – ie one time payment. They become our own. But now it has been replaced by monthly subscriptions.

Finally, most popular apps like Cam Scanner, Face app .. Monthly subscriptions in the name of premium versions of popular and desirable apps. And once you buy the software – no matter how many systems installed with that serial should not bother. But now the software licenses only for one and two systems. The reason for all this … is the economic recession? Otherwise the developers are greedy? There is a need to think.

Is it necessary to constantly pull money from customers through regular subscription? That is – the main reason for this – the need to release new versions of the app in these apps! The need to constantly add new features to any app is increasing day by day in this competitive world. Companies are now paying subscriptions to cover these maintenance costs. Compared to subscriptions – Lifetime Purchase may seem a bit expensive. Depending on how far the updates are given – however, buying a lifetime license in many cases is beneficial! Subscriptions seem simple – just like all of us. EMIs capture a significant portion of our salary every month, and these subscriptions fly our money every month. So it is better to own the software or apps permanently by making a lifetime payment. The upgrade will be worth the price if the new version comes out tomorrow. But how long will the software give free updates when making a lifetime payment? It is also necessary to note that.

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