Nayanathara’s Vasanthakalam On 21st

Nayanathara’s debut film Chandramukhi was released and it is now fifteen years. 15 years later, still she is on top in her career. To have such a long career as a heroine requires not only beauty, but great talent, and great management skills and above all admirable behavior. Nayanathara is still at the top. No matter how big can be the hero of the film – she rejects to come to promotional events. Still heroes wish her to act in their films. Hats of Nayanathara!

‘Kolaiyuthir Kalam’ is a Tamil film. Director Chakri Toleti is none other than the kid in Sagara Sangamam who makes Kamal Haasan’s horrible photoshoot. He made his debut film ‘Eenadu’ starring Kamal Haasan and Venkatesh. That was a thriller. And this is a horror thriller. Lady superstar Nayanathara starred. The success of this suspense horror thriller titled ‘Vasantha Kalam’ is being presented to the Telugu audience by young producer Damera VSS Srinivas. Young Damera has previously presented good films such as ‘EkaVeera, Ventadu Vetadu.

Bhoomika, Pratap Pothan and Rohini Hattangadi are playing the lead roles in the movie which is being produced under the 5 Colors Multi Media banner. Music by young musician Yuvan Shankar Raja. The producer said, “I am very proud to announce that the heroine-oriented film ‘Vasanthakalam’ is being released in Telugu on May 21st. Nayanathara’s performance, Glamor, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s Music, Chakri Toleti’s directional skills are the main attractions of the film. “

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