Natyam Movie Arouses Interest In Classical Dance: Sandhyaraju

Natyam Film Has Been Screened To Arouse The Interest Of Those Who Are Not In Touch With Classical Natyam: Sandhyaraju

‘Natyam’ is a self-produced film starring famous Kuchipudi dancer Sandhyaraju. The film, directed by Rewanth Korukonda, will be released on the 22nd of this month under the banner of Nishrankala Film.

Dancing has been my passion since I was a child. Every day I have thoughts about dancing. I chose this project with the idea that I could get even closer through film. People always see the same section when doing dance performances. But we can tell a lot about dance through a single short film. Has become very Reach. Then the power of the cinematic medium was realized. That’s why I made this movie.

I have not known about the world of cinema since I was a child. All my attention was always on the dance was yours. Natya has mainly come in many movies. They made great films like Kay Vishwanath. Dance is not about moving legs and arms. Our director’s idea of ​​telling a story through it is seen in this film. This dance will provoke thoughts in the people. In the old days
Dance is also like a movie.

Two or three stories are inherent in the dance film. We will show the relationship of Guru to disciples. We show the boundaries that exist for classical dancers. What is the difference between Western dance and classical dance? There are two or three tracks like this. Natyam is the name of the village. The superstitions that surround it are also present in the film. It is like a commercial movie.

Good content will reach everyone wherever it is taken. If we copy other people it will be the same as copy. Everyone will appreciate if we take the unique point within us. Vice President Venkaiah Naidu watched the film. Congratulations. He said that he would watch the movie for five minutes due to health issues. But after the movie started .. they kept watching till the end. After that I was honored.

Chiranjeevi has not seen our film yet. Apart from the film background .. I came from the business sector, he liked to film and act like this. Our teaser he watched. Well liked. We were praised.

As a kid, I was sent to various classes by my parents. I stayed there for ten years watching the training of Vempati Chinsatyam Gary. That’s when I decided to dedicate my life to the arts. Read eCommerce, take care of factories, says Intlowall. But Manasanta also the dance remained yours. But family members always me too
Not discouraged. Even after the wedding they all anchored me in Mettint.

We designed it to be of interest to those who are not in touch with classical dance. Music director Shravan provided excellent music for it. Choreographed to suit the story. But along with that song the story also goes on. Rohit is a complete Western dancer. It includes all kinds of dances.

As a producer, acting as an actress seemed very difficult. I have been working with the production team, the location team, all the departments. I could not be anywhere like the heroine. It seemed very difficult to finish the movie and get caught up in the theater.

The crowd applauded when the dance was performed and still wanted to do so. Also, if people watch and admire this film, it will be as if they have encouraged us to make similar films.

The dance was mainly made into a short film. It was very popular. Many phoned and congratulated. He said that our lives have changed because of that short film. So then we got the courage on this movie.

Acting in front of the screen to give a dance performance is very different. The director has already told me how to be in front of the camera. The story, the character, those words must be understood and acted upon. The camera does not just capture our faces. It also captures the feelings within us. The camera has that power.

I did the movie Uterne in Malayalam. But it wasn’t so much a workout. The gap is due to the pre-production work of the dance film. I will do it if I get a chance in other movies. But don’t do commercial films. Is more money given? I will not do anything if that happens. I don’t make movies with strategies that the market will grow if I do it with that hero. Good story, character will do.

I will play roles that have the potential to win a national award. I do lead roles that girls like to do as lead characters.

This movie has nothing to do with the short film I made. In it I appear in the role of Sithara in a village called Natyam.

There is something out there about the film industry. It is said that there is more politics and negativity here. But there are so many good ones here. Comes with good content. Big Stars‌ also anchors little ones. So Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan have given us time to change our lives.

Everyone thinks that it is enough to do as our teacher Vempati Chinsatyam did. But he danced to suit the conditions of that generation. Attempts are now being made to bring about changes in Kuchipudi dance to suit this generation.

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