Natural star Nani at the ‘Thimmarusu’ pre-release event on July 30

'Thimmarusu', which is set to release on July 30, is expected to be a big success and give a boost to later movies - Oxygen - Natural star Nani at the pre-release event

Satyamdev, who has impressed with his performances in various films like ‘Bluff Master’ and ‘Umamaheswaraya Ugrarupasya’, played the title role in ‘Thimmarusu’. The film was produced by Mahesh Koneru and Srujan Erobo on the banners of East Coast Productions and S Originals. Sharan Koppi Shetty is the director. The film is set to release in theaters on July 30. The pre-release event of the film was held on Tuesday to mark the occasion. Natural star Nani was the chief guest at the event. Big CD, Lift Promo, Devi Theater unveils 70mm Big Ticket. Producer Mahesh Koneru’s father Sambashivarao unveiled the Big Ticket of Shailaja Theater in Vijayawada. On this occasion, Natural star Nani said, “I like Satyadev very much. I came to this event with a passion for myself. Satyadev knows how good an actor is. It was only possible to recreate the soul as an actor in the film Umamaheswara Ugrarupasya. If Kovid had not arrived then and the film had been released in theaters, he would have started his journey as a star himself. However, it may have been written to Timmarusuki. Weekends in other countries go to see mum and dad. But we will go to the cinema with my mother and father. We also go to other countries to meet friends on weekends. But we go to the cinema with our friends. If we get bored, we go to the bar and then to the theater. Watching movies in theaters is my culture. Covid usually closes theaters early in the day and opens theaters last. In bars and pubs, people take off their masks and talk loudly. I think theaters are a safe place compared to things like that.

Because we watch a silent movie without talking to one side. I am not saying that theaters should be opened in advance. But I am saying that it can be opened along with everything. This is not what I am talking about. Speaking as an audience. Theater has become a part of my life. After home we spend most of our time in theaters. Taking precautions, theaters are a very safe place. As important as physical health is, mental health is just as important. Wherever artifacts are the root cause of mental health, tranquility prevails in those countries. There is no entertainment beyond cinema in our country. Theaters are a big industry. There are millions of families based on it. They work in distributors, exhibitors, theaters. So many lives are based on that. There is a similar problem in Entire India. I think this will change soon. All the daily necessities for the people are increasing. But when it comes to the film industry, Bolden is limited. Think of it as a very small problem. It may be a small problem for those who are in the film industry but .. for many families it has become a very big problem. If an ecosystem is damaged due to circumstances, it will be a problem for future generations. Watching a movie with some people in a dark place is a magical feeling. Next Generation will miss it. Governments do not know what to do with it. But .. there is a little fear and suffering in the mind. It needs to be fixed quickly. Third wave .. without getting skinny, you have to watch movies again. Start with thyme. All Movies Tak Jagdish, Love Story, Republic, Acharya, Radheshyam, RRR .. We want to enjoy all the movies in Manam Theaters. When it comes to dark matter. I know very well the people who worked on this film. Sricharan provided wonderful music. Ankit acted nicely. Thanks to Brahmajigari. Priyanka Chakkanti Nati. I have known Mahesh very well since the beginning of my career. This movie should be a big hit for itself. I sincerely want to give oxygen to all the movies that come after these 30. That’s not what I said .. July 30 I will watch a movie with my family. Congratulations to the entire team.”

Hero Satyadev said, “The film industry is an open university. There are no qualifications, no entrance exams, no marks. Must come with a qualification called Passion. 99 people have a lot to say about the industry. But he is not the only one who says .. go ahead. That’s not someone else .. I’m mine. With such a strong conviction, Midirest Nani is one of the standout figures in the industry. It gives a lot of courage to people like me to come here. I like Nani very much. This is my first official pre-release event. Is very happy. In the entire world .. After Kovid First Wave, it was only possible in the Telugu industry that all the movies that came in the theaters became hits. Telugu audiences are always at the forefront of anchoring a good film. That has been proven many times over. Now, for the first time after Second Wave, the movie is ‘Thimmarusu’. Producer Srujain and Mahesh Combination have taken the lead in the film. Sharon Koppishetti, always looks very cool. He did wonderfully for himself. Thanks to you. Sricharan Pakala .. Fastest, Sincere Music Director. He composed the music very nicely for this movie. Brahmajigaru Most Positive Person. The reason for the glow in him is that he is smiling. National Award winner Appu Prabhakar worked on the film. I did fights in this movie beyond the comfort zone. Priyanka is a good actress, being a wonderful human being. The film was completed in 39 days. I want the audience to support and support this film which is coming first in Second Wave.”

Producer Mahesh Koneru said, “We did it with a lot of effort while making this film. As well as enjoying the movie. Thanks to everyone who made the project come out so well. The movie came out very well. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. I will talk more after Success. I want everyone to see and enjoy this movie which is releasing on July 30 in theaters, ”he said.

Director Sharon Koppishetti said, “Everyone’s situation during Kovid’s time was as expected. When I am at home, will one day one of the producers of this film, Srujan, call and film with Satyadev? Said. By then Satyadev had got a good craze with Bluff Master, Uma Maheshwaraya Ugrarupasya movies. Kovid brought bad times to everyone but .. it seemed to me then that good times had come. Thus, after the start of the project, the weightage of the project increased when Mahesh was added as another producer. As for Sathyadev, he has a habit of saying hi to himself even before this movie. I thought I was reserved. But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. No Restrictions on Kovid Time! Along with Satyadev, Priyanka Jawalkar, Brahmaji, Jhansi, Ajay and Viva Harsha all supported me a lot. Appu Prabhakar gave good visuals. Sricharana Pakala gave rock music. Also thanks to everyone who supported me. Everyone worked hard to make a movie. I want everyone to watch this movie carefully in the theaters as itl be released after the second lockdown.”

Music director Sricharan Pakala said, “This is a film shot in very harsh conditions. The unit worked very hard despite the risk. The shooting of the film was completed in 39 days. Has been acquainted with Satyadev for a long time. When do we make music for a movie? Who thinks that. Still congested. Thanks to Srijan, Maheshgari, Director Sharan. Appu Prabhakar gave very good visuals. Thanks to the other actors and technicians. We are very confident about the film.”

Actor Brahmaji said, “I did a very good character in Thimmarusu. There are a lot of things to learn from looking at the people next to you while doing some characters. I was one of those who learned that. So is Satyadev. I like the dialogue delivery very much. Nani, Satyandev Natural Actors. Both will go on to better star positions in the future. Ankit, Viva Harsha, Bhopal and Ajay all looked great. A film with good content. Director Sharan .. Good friend. Introduction from the movie Premam. I also acted in the movie Tana First. Sharan also played a good role in this film. I want everyone to see and enjoy this dark movie with all the elements in the theaters, ”he said.

Heroine Priyanka Jawalkar said, “We completed the film in a single schedule in 39 days. Everyone loved it so much we could do it. Be like Karta, Karma, Kriya to me .. Thanks to Vamsi Kaka who caused me to act in this movie. Appu Prabhakar showed me beautifully in the movie. Sharan .. Very Cool Person. Not only did he give me a good role with confidence .. he played a key role in involving me in that role. After working with Satyadev, I realized that acting should be easy and passionate. I knew what I needed to learn when I saw her acting. Also thanks to Brahmaji and other artists and technicians, ”he said.

Directors Rahul Sankrityan, Venkat Maha, Jhansi, Jayashree Jayapal, Viva Harsha, Naveen, Ankit, Mango Ram and others also participated in the event and congratulated the film unit.

Satyadev, Priyanka Jawalkar, Brahmaji, Ajay, Praveen, Adarsh ​​Balakrishna, Jhansi, Viva Harsha, Sandhya Janak etc.

Technical Category:
Directed by: Sharan‌ Koppishetti
Producers: Mahesh Koneru, Srujan
Music: Sricharan‌ Pakala
Cinematography: Appu Prabhakar‌
Art: Kiran Kumar Manne
Action: Real Satish

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