Nandamuri Arrow In Nara’s Bow Again!

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Chandra Babu’s is critically acclaimed by the critics and the opposition. Nandamuri fans are criticizing some of the NTR’s family who have never established the Telugu Desam Party. Chandrababu, who is able to convert to TDP from the NTT, can be used to tailor the Nandamuri ‘ If the Opposition has criticized Chandrababu Nandamuri’s family as a betrayal of the family – for that purpose it is Rajini and the Chandrababu Kannakum and the Tamil Nadu people.

Recently Chandrababu took over from his estate and another Nandamuri was taken. That is Nandamuri Suhasini. NTR’s granddaughter is sister of Harikrishna’s daughter, Kalyanram and Junior NTR sister. Chandrababu is contesting as a candidate in Kukat Palli in the Telangana election. Chandra Babu’s idea is that the popular popularity of the Nandamuri family and the Andhra Janaputham – Kukat Palli can be successful. From the beginning, he felt that he had been neglected, and he had to keep his sons away from the party. Harikrishna suffered that Chandrababu had to take NTR out of office and ignored him after he was gripped. Later that year, in 2009, the junior NTR was used for propagation – the latter was unable to digest it. It is a great announcement to announce Chandra Babu as his candidate again after his death.

YSR’s party members have already started criticizing Chandra Babu, who has used his party for the sake of his party purposes after his father’s son Kuducani. Why are you supporting Chandrababu too many times and again supporting him again? – There is a possibility that Harikrishna fans might question some of them. However, the Telugu Desam says that the work of the late Harikrishna family, who is suffering from negligence – the laughter of his death, and that he will continue to be reinstated again, a side-by-side support and success in the next election. Anyway, Chandrababu is shocking, unbearable, unreliable! What more can you say?

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