Naming After Tenali Will Be Justified!

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If you go to the movie, you will be smiling from the Beginning to the End! Occasionally Jandhalaya ahanapallanta … these loans are paid off … as well. And its director Nageshwara Reddy, though not the best, made the comedy well. If they say it is true ..

Sandeep Kishan’s latest film is “Tenali Ramakrishna BABL” after a descent hit like ‘Ninu Veedi Nidanu Nene’. Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar plays the lead role of Hansika Motwani. The film is being produced by new producers Agraham Nagireddy and Sanjivreddy under the direction of G. Nageshwar Reddy.

The film, which is being made as an out and out entertainer, was held at the Prasad Labs in Hyderabad at a teaser release ceremony. The meeting Sundeep Kishan hero, heroine Hansika Motwani, jinagesvar Reddy, director, actors Ananth Kumar, Ashok Kumar, GIRIDHAR, music director Sai Karthik, editor keprasad place, the words of the authors of the Bhavani Prasad, resident, producer Sitaramarajunu egjikutiv jasmine, producers Included Rupa Jagadish, Indumari Srinivas and filmmakers Agrahara Nagir Reddy and Sanjeev Reddy participated. Iii Sundeep Kishan, Tenali Ramakrishna Hansika US teaser has been released.

This is the movie I really enjoyed doing !!
Hero Sandeep Kishan said, “Thanks to Nageshwar Reddy for trusting his friends for making this film. I enjoyed the movie very enjoyably. I worked as a first-time scientist, enjoying my work as a Hundred Person. All credit goes to director Nageshwar Reddy. I am very fortunate to have him in the film. The film was screened as a commercial entertainer along with Emotions. From the Beginning of the Cinema to the Ending, the smiles.

Audiences will watch the new entertainer movie. Annie Tanai Nageshwar Reddy has done the film. Rajasimha gave a good story. Very talented writer. Sai Karthik gave good music. R R Irregarded. The director who made me a new present in this film is the director. I found myself very new. The film seemed to have done it myself. Working with Hansika seemed AMAZING. He is always smiling on the set. Tenali Ramakrishna B, A, Bial, movie will be enjoyed by everyone ..

Heroine Hansika Motwani says this is the second film with Nageshwara Reddy. It’s a Full Entertainment Movie. Youth will enjoy it along with the families. I am very happy to be a part of this movie.

This is a gift I give to my friends !!
Director G. Nageshwara Reddy said .. We have watched the teaser several times. We were treated well. But to come down to the platform with the surprise of a sudden Mr. kenayudu adiripoyindi our teaser, as superb as it is, is quite happy to say. His words gave an energy. We will go further with the same inspiration. I would like to make a lot of films with Hansika after Ready for Anything. Works so supportive. Rajasimha made a good point. All our writers have developed it and made a good script. All our producers have helped me a lot. I want to make a good film for them. The movie came out very well. All our team is very confident.

Nagireddy said .. We have been friends since childhood. We have done this film together. Our friend Nageshwara Reddy said let’s do a one year movie. Soon after the good story, we made the film. The audience is blessed with this film and want to make a big success.

Another producer, Sanjeev Reddy, said that the cast and crew of the film is our thanks to all the technicians. Even though we were not in our work and shooting, our director Nageshwara Reddy considered the One Man Army and completed the film in a timely manner. He gave us a good picture.

Music director Sai Karthik said, ‘This is the 75th film for me. My thanks to the heroes, producers and directors who gave me the opportunity to make films. I have done some kind of Nageshwara Reddy. I did this movie again. The movie came out well. That would be a big hit …

We have played very good roles in this movie. Comedy can be funny. Actors Anand, Ashok Kumar and Giridhar have expressed their hope that the film will be a super hit.

Starring Sandeep Kishan and Hansika Motwani in the film, Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, Muralisarma, Ayyappasarma, Raghu Babu, Posani Krishnamurali, Saptagiri, Vennela Kishore, Prabhas Srinu, Chammak Chandra, Banerjee, Ananth, Kadanpriya, Kadanpriya, Vadakarjani , Manichanda, Satyakrishna, Kinnara, Srisuddha and others.

The story: tirajasinha, words: Bhavani Prasad, Home, Music: Sai Karthik, diopi: Sai Sriram Arts: Kiran, editing, where keprasad, Action: Venkat. Dance: Shobhi, Prem Rakshit, Songs: Bhaskarabhatla, Chilakarekka Ganesh, Executive Producer: Sitaramaraju Mallela, Co-Producers: Rupa Jagadish, Indumauri Srinivas, Producers: Agrahara Nagira Reddy, Sanjeevara Reddy, Screenplay.

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