Venkatesh Releases Nagashourya ‘Lakshya’ Trailer

Nagashourya 'Lakshya' Trailer Released By Venkatesh

Santosh Jagarlapudi is all set to make his directorial debut with the upcoming film ‘Lakshya’ starring Naga Shourya as the hero in a sports drama. Presented by Sonali Narang Srivenkateswara Cinemas LLP, North Star Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The banners are being co-produced by Narayan Das Ke Narang, Puskar Ram Mohan Rao and Sarath Marar. The target film is set to release on December 10. Recently, Victory Venkatesh released the movie trailer and said all the best to the team. At a press conference organized on this occasion …

Director Santosh says .. ‘The first film on archery. Cricket is a religion. Everything thinks that there is a God. Many ancient educations are obscured. Buddhism was born in us. But went to other countries. I do not even know what is here now. We see the bow in the hands of those who measure up as gods, in the hands of those who claim to be heroes. This is so great. Let’s call it all games. But let’s call archery education. When I was writing the story .. Narayan Das Ke Narang, Puskar Ram Mohan Rao and Sarath Marar believed me and gave me a chance. If I wrote forty percent .. Naga Shourya did one hundred percent. This movie would not have been so good without him. If the producers cooperate in terms of production .. Naga Shourya has taken the story and the character of Parthu to the next level of Naga Shourya. Does the archer need a six pack? That said it all. But the body must be as flexible as the bow. Did not even touch fresh water for at least three days. At least he did not swallow saliva. Stayed the same for three days for the 8 pack. Ketika Sharma appears in the role of Rhita. Awesome in the role of being the backbone to Pardhu. You made a mistake and won .. He acted wonderfully in the scene where he wanted to avoid you and win. Jagapathi Babu and Sachin Khedkar all acted well. Thanks to Kala Bhairava for making the film so good. Thanks to everyone who worked on the film. It’s been two and a half years. Thanks to Naga Shourya for bringing me here. ‘

Ketika Sharma said .. ‘Thanks to Director Santosh for giving me this opportunity. I saw some scenes. Naga Shourya acted wonderfully. Appears in four different roles. Santosh wrote this story beautifully from his mind. I am proud to share the screen with Jagapathi Babu Gari. ‘

Kala Bhairava said .. ‘I am very happy to be here today. What kind of response did you get to the teaser .. I hope there will be such a response to the trailer. We have been working on this movie for the last two years. It stands out in my career. It is a pleasure to see a sports based movie coming out in such a short time. I have always wanted to make a movie like this. But the opportunity came so quickly. ‘

Producer Ram Mohan says .. ‘It has been a long time since sports based movies came out. Once upon a time kabaddi and rugby came. Many days later, with the sports-themed movie coming out again, everyone’s interest increased. Naga Shourya worked very hard for this film. It is not uncommon to see a body of eight plates. We wanted to come earlier. But we got a good date. Coming up on December 10th. I saw this movie before making music. After watching the music it looked awesome. The film will definitely reach the target. ‘

Naga Shourya said .. ‘We worked hard for two and a half years for this film. First Santosh came and listened to the story for three hours. By then the interval was over. I said I will hear the rest of the story tomorrow. He explained every single point very clearly. How to catch an arrow .. How to release. That’s when I decided to do this movie. I heard the sendoff and thought it would be okay. It is a pleasure to work with our producers Narayan Das Ke Narang, Puskar Ram Mohan Rao and Sarath Marar. Let’s make this movie, sir, who was asked like a child. Forgive me if anything bothered me. Kala Bhairava is my friend. We wanted to work from the age of five and a half. Now it’s like this. RR, however, was shocked. Ketika Sharma starred in the romantic film. Looking at that girl makes anyone want to have an okay romance. Very few people gain so much popularity as soon as they come into the industry. Protect it, Ketika. Cinematographer Ram Reddy showed it very well. The lyricist Mani wrote very well. The film stars Jagapathi Babu and Sachin Khedkar in the lead roles. Those two would come and stand when I could not bear it. The film did so well because of the trio. Santosh is one of the directors who inspired the story. The desire to dominate Jagapathi Babu Gari and the presence of actors like Sachin Khedkar in front of me gave birth to the desire to bring out the actor in me. Sports cinema means the hero must win in the end. Love stories mean the girl has to finally meet the boy. The same is true in every movie. The same is true in this film. But in the end it will be interesting to see how the hero wins. It seemed very difficult to change the look of a movie at once. Kohli will also have a six-pack. Cricket does not need a six pack. Our Mind Fitness can be used to say that you are strong. This story asked me 8 packs. I did. I will also make a body of ten plates if the character demands it. ‘

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