Nagarjuna 2019 S/O ANR

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Nagarjuna, once called as the son of Akkineni Nageswara Rao,
earned his own image and became a star. Even after all this – now why should we again call him s/o ANR? there is a reason.

Age is not an easy thing to hide. Makeup is not enough for this. When the mind is cozy, it can hide face wrinkles. Nagarjuna has always been with Fresh Mind and still looks young – almost 60 years old. If Rakul Preet is seen with too many torn jeans and knickers – it’s hard to see Nagarjun next… but for the look, you still have to admire Nagarj! Another still released from Cupid 2 as Regent. Nagarjuna looks more fresh in it. Nagarjuna’s father, Eenar, was too old to ever be green. Now he seems to be retaining his legacy. True. No tensions, cozy to spend – very much to teach. It’s not just money. In that sense, Nagarjuna is truly great!

Snaf is not to diminish Nagarjun. Nagarjuna no matter how much you grow up! It is not objectionable to him. Called?

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