Music Director Sekhar Chandra’s Interview

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Music arises according to the taste of the listener. There are movies that deserve the audience. It is not the people who embrace the Mayabazaru or Patalabhairavil. That is why we cannot find Mahadevan and Ilayaraj now. At least they have good music, like Shekhar Chandra.

Shekhar Chandra is one of the current Tollywood music directors. There is no exaggeration in the fact that most of the playlists are songs he composed. There are many musical hits like ‘Nuvvila’, ‘Karthikeya’, ‘Potawav Cherivada’ and ‘118’. Songs of ‘Nee Kannalu’ and ‘Undipova’ have been chartbusters in the recent movie Saavari ‘Nee Kannus’ song demonstrates how Shekhar Chandra, who has been presenting only the Melody Songs till now, has provided mass music. His latest movie ‘Valayam’ will be released on February 21st. The recently released song ‘Ninnu Chusakake’ has also been well received. Sekhar Chandra participated in a press conference in this background.

Now, wherever you look, your songs are mostly heard. How are you doing?

Very happy. From the movie ‘Nachchavule’ I have been supporting. Now ‘Savari’ has hit Patal with such a big hit. Especially the response to the song ‘Nee Kannu’ which I will never forget. It has already achieved 10 million views. He has made a few million videos on the song Tik Talk with Song. Thanks also to Rahul Sipliganj, who sang this song, as well as the lyrics of the lyrics provided by Kasarla Shyam.

How many years have you been to the industry?
Have been 14 years. I have done 32 to 35 movies so far.

How do you think your career is going?
Very cool. All my songs get a good response. Most of them are viral, making them tick ticks.

What’s your memorable moment so far?
The biggest movie I ever made was ‘118’. There is only one song. Needless to say, it was a big challenge. Guhan Garu Director .. Kalyan Ram Garu Hero. So I feared whether that one song in the movie could do it justice. It is a thriller. But the song ‘Chandamame’ was a big hit. Kalyan Ram greeted me. It’s going to be a memorable song in my career. That’s my memorable moment.

Do you think that big heroes are not making films?
There will definitely be that feeling. However what I do is short films .. new concept oriented films. So .. I can give you fresh music. Good applause comes. No need for a big movie to make a name for it ..!

Mostly thriller movies .. Love story is being made. Which ones are most likely to be a plus?

Love Stories are good melodies … and thrillers can give you a good background score.

Why do platforms like social media stay away?

Why not think about it .. Rahul Sipliganj also said that open Insta account. I think about them from now on.

What songs do you like best in the songs you composed?
Like ‘Nee Kannus’ ‘Undipova’ in ‘Savari’ Movie, ‘Chandamame’ in ‘118’ Movie, ‘In the Ever Wonder Woman’ in ‘Karthikeya’, ‘Maipayam Vasantham’ Movie in ‘Saripoke’ .. I like these songs.

Do films in other languages ​​too?
There is much to be accomplished in Telugu at the moment. Will we ever see it again (laughs)

Your father is a cinematographer .. When you say you will be the music director .. How did he react?
Cinematography is not a bad idea, but as a music director, it is very risky. But after making some films, he got Confidence after seeing the response.

Who is Inspiration for You to Become Music Director?
AR Rahman .. as well as Keiravani ..!

What Are Your Future Projects?
‘Circle’ .. It will be released on the 21st. The ‘Husharu’ team is .. A movie final is required.


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