Movie Starts Rakul’s Brother As Hero


The new film was produced by Dasari Lawrence under the direction of Razini Film Corporation in the Shake Shaw Wai’s brother Aman’s hero Aman’s hero Aman, the new film was launched at Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad on Sunday. Rukul Preet Singh claps to the muhurtha scene and the hero switched on Sandeep Kishan’s camera. Snow Lakshmi is directing the honor. The opening ceremony was attended by members of the film unit, including Rao Ramesh. At a press conference on this occasion …

Rakul claps for her brother’s film

Rakul Preet Singh said, “I am very happy that my brother Aman is going to be the hero and two years ago he wanted to be a hero, but I had to come to the industry if he had a passion,” he said, adding that he had a passion. How is home town? Photos of Hyderabad has become home town. He’s the teccukuntadani feel good, “he said.

Director Dasari Lawrence said, “Aman is going to introduce the hero in action movie with Love, action entertainer and his character will be interesting and will be part of good comedy and the first schedule of shooting will start in the first week of March.”

Heroine Sandeep Kishan said, “Aman is equal to my younger brother and I want to be a big hero.

Hero Aman said, “It is very nervous and tense and it is very happy to be the hero in Telugu and I like the story of director Dasari Laurenti with good story and screenplay and thanks to producer Razinigariki.

“We are ready to make a film with the banner of Dasari Lawrence, the first film in our banner, and we are happy to introduce Aman as hero through Banner and we have started shooting in the first week of March and we will have the blessing of the audience.”

Heroine Monica Sharma said, “I am doing a very good role and I am in the role of a heroine and lucky girl who is close to my real life, Thanks to the producers who gave the opportunity.” Mohan Rehamani, co-producer P. Venkateshwarar, producer: Mavooram Rajini, story, filmmaker, filmmaker, music director, Story and direction: Dasari Lawrence.

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